Interface RotationListener

public interface RotationListener

Listener for rotation notifications.

This is a listener interface that is used to notify interested parties after the device's display orientation changes. Use the static methods on RotationEventDispatcher to register or unregister an instance of this interface.

This notification is typically not needed by applications. A screen's layout and paint methods will be called during rotation. As long as the layout and paint methods properly account for the width and height of both landscape and portrait resolutions, then there shouldn't be a need for using a rotation listener.

BlackBerry API 7.1.0

Method Summary
 void displayRotated(int newDirection)
          This function is invoked at the end of a rotation sequence.

Method Detail


void displayRotated(int newDirection)
This function is invoked at the end of a rotation sequence. The newDirection will be either Display.DIRECTION_NORTH, Display.DIRECTION_EAST, or Display.DIRECTION_WEST.

newDirection - The direction of the device's display orientation.
BlackBerry API 7.1.0

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