Class AcknowledgementPapServiceImpl

  extended by net.rim.pushsdk.pap.PapServiceImpl
      extended by net.rim.pushsdk.acknowledgement.AcknowledgementPapServiceImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AcknowledgementPapServiceImpl
extends PapServiceImpl

Extension of the pap package PapServiceImpl to include result notification for the acknowledgement package.

The onNotification() method retrieves the push application id from the HTTP request, creates a Notification object that is constructed based on the ResultNotification and the push application id and passes the object to the NotificationProcessorService for further processing.

Dependencies that must be injected to properly initialize this object for use:
- httpClient
- pushSDKProperties
- notificationProcessorService


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void onNotification(ResultNotification resultNotification, Map<String,String[]> notificationParameters)
          Creates a Notification object based on the passed in result notification, push application id and address count (retrieved from the notification parameters).
 void setNotificationProcessorService(NotificationProcessorService notificationProcessorService)
          Support for dependency injection.
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Constructor Detail


public AcknowledgementPapServiceImpl()
Method Detail


public void setNotificationProcessorService(NotificationProcessorService notificationProcessorService)
Support for dependency injection. Inject an implementation of a NotificationProcessorService collaborating object - this is used to interface with the business service that processes result notifications.

notificationProcessorService - an instance of a NotificationProcessorService implementation (must be thread safe)


public void onNotification(ResultNotification resultNotification,
                           Map<String,String[]> notificationParameters)
                    throws PushSDKException
Creates a Notification object based on the passed in result notification, push application id and address count (retrieved from the notification parameters).

Specified by:
onNotification in interface PapService
onNotification in class PapServiceImpl
resultNotification - the result notification sent by the PPG
notificationParameters - request parameters from the result notification sent by the PPG
PushSDKException - if the result notification cannot be processed

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