Package net.rim.pushsdk.acknowledgement

This package is used to manage the acknowledgement of result notifications.


Interface Summary
AcknowledgementService Business logic relating to the handling of acknowledgements.
NotificationListenerService Business logic relating to the notification of the acknowledgement listeners.
NotificationProcessorService Business logic relating to the processing of result notifications (acknowledgements).

Class Summary
AcknowledgementBeanLocator Utility class that provides access to Spring beans in the acknowledgement package.
AcknowledgementPapServiceImpl Extension of the pap package PapServiceImpl to include result notification for the acknowledgement package.
AcknowledgementServiceImpl Implementation of the AcknowledgementService interface.
AnyNotificationListener Sample implementation of the "any" notification listener.
FailureNotificationListener Sample implementation of the failure notification listener.
LastNotificationListener Sample implementation of the "last" notification listener.
Notification Represents a PAP result notification along with additional details associated with this notification.
NotificationListener Abstract class that defines common functionality for the notification message listeners.
NotificationListenerServiceImpl Implementation of the NotificationListenerService interface.
NotificationProcessorServiceImpl Implementation of the NotificationProcessorService interface.
SuccessNotificationListener Sample implementation of the success notification listener.

Enum Summary
ListenerType Type of a notification listener: success, failure, any, last.

Package net.rim.pushsdk.acknowledgement Description

This package is used to manage the acknowledgement of result notifications. It contains business logic to handle the processing of result notifications. The processing includes the following:
- reconciliation, if the original push was made to the push application with storePushRequest set to true;
- subscription management (except for the bypassSubscription case): automatically unsubscribe a user when the result notification indicates that the specified address was not recognized by the PPG, track the consecutive failed push count for a user and suspend a subscription when the maximum limit is reached;
- notification of registered listeners

This package requires that the PushSDKProperties implementation returns values for:

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