Package net.rim.pushsdk.pap.control

This package implements PAP control messages.


Class Summary
AddressList Represents a list of addresses (e.g.
CancelMessageControl Represents the Cancel PAP request message control (XML).
PapControl Base class for all PAP control objects.
PapRequestMessage Represents a PAP request message.
PushMessageControl Represents the Push PAP request message control (XML).
QualityOfService Represents the quality of service attributes for a PAP push message.
ResultNotificationResponseControl Represents the Result Notification PAP response control (XML).
StatusQueryMessageControl Represents the Status Query PAP request message control (XML).

Enum Summary
DeliveryMethod Defines the type of reliability to use for message delivery.

Package net.rim.pushsdk.pap.control Description

This package implements PAP control messages.

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