Class LastNotificationListener

  extended by net.rim.pushsdk.acknowledgement.NotificationListener
      extended by net.rim.pushsdk.acknowledgement.LastNotificationListener

public class LastNotificationListener
extends NotificationListener

Sample implementation of the "last" notification listener. It extends NotificationListener and sets the listenerType to ListenerType.LAST. Any class that extends this class should provide an implementation of the processNotification method.

Note: This listener will only be triggered if the PushApplication it is being used with has 'lastNotificationEnabled' flag set to true. Keep in mind enabling last notification does incur a performance penalty.


Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Constructs a "last" notification listener.
Method Summary
 void processNotification(String pushId, PushOutcome outcome)
          Processes the result notification.
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Constructor Detail


public LastNotificationListener()
Constructs a "last" notification listener.

Method Detail


public void processNotification(String pushId,
                                PushOutcome outcome)
                         throws PushSDKException
Description copied from class: NotificationListener
Processes the result notification.

The client address (e.g. PIN) in the result notification from the PPG was mapped to the address in the provided PushOutcome using the currently known mapping. This may result in incorrect results if a subscriber or device swap occurred after the push request was issued.

Note: The PushOutcome.getAddress() may return a value of '*' (without the quotes) that indicates the code applies to all addresses of the push with the specified push id.

Specified by:
processNotification in class NotificationListener
pushId - push id to which the notification pertains
outcome - the outcome of pushing to a particular address
PushSDKException - error from processing the result notification. The exception stack trace will have details of the error

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