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Packages that use PapService
net.rim.pushsdk.pap This package contains classes responsible for sending PAP push, cancel, and status query messages and handling acknowledgements. 
net.rim.pushsdk.pap.web This package provides an abstract servlet for handling result notifications. 

Uses of PapService in net.rim.pushsdk.pap

Classes in net.rim.pushsdk.pap that implement PapService
 class PapServiceImpl
          Class implementing the PapService interface that defines push operations to send PAP 2.1/2.0 XML to a Push Proxy Gateway (PPG) and parse the PAP XML responses.

Methods in net.rim.pushsdk.pap that return PapService
static PapService PapBeanLocator.getPapService()
          Returns an instance of the PAP service (a spring bean).

Uses of PapService in net.rim.pushsdk.pap.web

Methods in net.rim.pushsdk.pap.web that return PapService
protected abstract  PapService BasicNotificationServlet.getPapService()
          In order to perform custom actions on result notifications, implement the getPapService method such that it returns a PapService which implements onNotification.

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