Class WebtrendsConfigurator

  extended by

public final class WebtrendsConfigurator
extends java.lang.Object

Specifies configuration settings that an application uses for sending data to the data collection server. To customize the settings, you can change the values in the configuration file that is included with the BlackBerry Analytics Service SDK. To load the configuration settings in an application, you must invoke LoadConfigFile().

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void LoadConfigFile(java.lang.String packageName, java.lang.String filename)
          Loads the settings from the configuration file into the application.
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Constructor Detail


public WebtrendsConfigurator()
Method Detail


public static void LoadConfigFile(java.lang.String packageName,
                                  java.lang.String filename)
Loads the settings from the configuration file into the application. In an Eclipse project, you must place the config file in the same package as a .java source file for your application (for example, 'com/webtrends/sample/helloworld/webtrends.xml'). In a JDE project, you must place the config file at the root of the project. The following code sample demonstrates how to load a configuration file into an application in Eclipse, where the webtrends.xml is located in the the com.samples package along with
 WebtrendsConfigurator.LoadConfigFile("com.samples.AnalyticsDemo", "webtrends.xml"); 
For more information, see the BlackBerry Analytics Service SDK Development Guide at

packageName - The fully qualified name of a .java source file that is in the same location as the config file (for example, com.webtrends.sample.HelloWorldApp).
filename - The name of the XML file that is being loaded.