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Package com.rim.bes.basplugin.mdscs.dto

Package class diagram package com.rim.bes.basplugin.mdscs.dto
Contains BlackBerry MDS Connection Services classes


Class Summary
AccessControl Java class for AccessControl complex type.
AccessControlRules Java class for AccessControlRules complex type.
AccessControlRulesType Java class for AccessControlRulesType complex type.
AccessControlRuleType Java class for AccessControlRuleType complex type.
AccessControlType Java class for AccessControlType complex type.
AccessControlURLPatterns Java class for AccessControlURLPatterns complex type.
DevicePorts Java class for DevicePorts complex type.
EnabledDevicePortType Java class for EnabledDevicePortType complex type.
EventLoggingDestination Java class for EventLoggingDestination complex type.
FileLoggingDestination Java class for FileLoggingDestination complex type.
GeneralSettings Java class for GeneralSettings complex type.
GeneralSettingsType Java class for GeneralSettingsType complex type.
HTTPSettings Java class for HTTPSettings complex type.
HTTPSettingsType Java class for HTTPSettingsType complex type.
IntegratedAuthenticationConfiguration Java class for IntegratedAuthenticationConfiguration complex type.
LDAPServerSettings Java class for LDAPServerSettings complex type.
LDAPServerSettingsType Java class for LDAPServerSettingsType complex type.
LoggingDestinationType Java class for LoggingDestinationType complex type.
LoggingSettings Java class for LoggingSettings complex type.
LoggingSettingsType Java class for LoggingSettingsType complex type.
MDSCSDeviceServiceAttributes Java class for MDSCSDeviceServiceAttributes complex type.
MDSCSDeviceServiceAttributesType Java class for MDSCSDeviceServiceAttributesType complex type.
MDSCSService Java class for MDSCSService complex type.
MDSCSServiceConfiguration Java class for MDSCSServiceConfiguration complex type.
MDSCSServiceConfigurationSet Java class for MDSCSServiceConfigurationSet complex type.
MDSCSServiceConfigurationSetType Java class for MDSCSServiceConfigurationSetType complex type.
MDSCSServiceConfigurationTemplate Java class for MDSCSServiceConfigurationTemplate complex type.
MDSCSServiceConfigurationTemplateType Java class for MDSCSServiceConfigurationTemplateType complex type.
MDSCSServiceConfigurationType Java class for MDSCSServiceConfigurationType complex type.
MDSCSServiceInstance Java class for MDSCSServiceInstance complex type.
MDSCSServiceInstanceType Java class for MDSCSServiceInstanceType complex type.
MDSCSServiceProperties Java class for MDSCSServiceProperties complex type.
MDSCSServicePropertiesType Java class for MDSCSServicePropertiesType complex type.
MDSCSServiceType Java class for MDSCSServiceType complex type.
MDSCSUserSearchCriteriaServiceAttributes Java class for MDSCSUserSearchCriteriaServiceAttributes complex type.
MDSCSUserSearchCriteriaServiceAttributesType Java class for MDSCSUserSearchCriteriaServiceAttributesType complex type.
MDSCSUserServiceAttributes Java class for MDSCSUserServiceAttributes complex type.
MDSCSUserServiceAttributesType Java class for MDSCSUserServiceAttributesType complex type.
MediaContentManagement Java class for MediaContentManagement complex type.
MediaContentManagementType Java class for MediaContentManagementType complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the com.rim.bes.basplugin.mdscs.dto package.
OCSPSettings Java class for OCSPSettings complex type.
OCSPSettingsType Java class for OCSPSettingsType complex type.
PrincipalsType Java class for PrincipalsType complex type.
PullRule Java class for PullRule complex type.
PushInitiators Java class for PushInitiators complex type.
PushRule Java class for PushRule complex type.
PushSettings Java class for PushSettings complex type.
PushSettingsType Java class for PushSettingsType complex type.
StatisticsConfiguration Java class for StatisticsConfiguration complex type.
StatisticsConfigurationType Java class for StatisticsConfigurationType complex type.
TCPLoggingDestination Java class for TCPLoggingDestination complex type.
UDPLoggingDestination Java class for UDPLoggingDestination complex type.
URLPatterns Java class for URLPatterns complex type.
URLPatternsReferenceType Java class for URLPatternsReferenceType complex type.
URLPatternsType Java class for URLPatternsType complex type.

Enum Summary
AccessControlRuleTypeEnumType Java class for AccessControlRuleTypeEnumType.
AuthenticationFlagsEnumType Java class for AuthenticationFlagsEnumType.
LogDestinationTypeEnumType Java class for LogDestinationTypeEnumType.
URLPatternProtocolEnumType Java class for URLPatternProtocolEnumType.

Package com.rim.bes.basplugin.mdscs.dto Description

Contains BlackBerry MDS Connection Services classes

BlackBerry Administration API

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