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Package com.rim.bes.basplugin.mdss.dto

Package class diagram package com.rim.bes.basplugin.mdss.dto
Contains BlackBerry MDS Services classes


Class Summary
Applications Java class for Applications complex type.
ApplicationsType Java class for ApplicationsType complex type.
AvailableBESServers Java class for AvailableBESServers complex type.
AvailableBESServersType Java class for AvailableBESServersType complex type.
AvailableCSServers Java class for AvailableCSServers complex type.
AvailableCSServersType Java class for AvailableCSServersType complex type.
Certificates Java class for Certificates complex type.
CertificatesType Java class for CertificatesType complex type.
ConnectionService Java class for ConnectionService complex type.
ConnectionServiceType Java class for ConnectionServiceType complex type.
DevicePolicies Java class for DevicePolicies complex type.
DevicePoliciesType Java class for DevicePoliciesType complex type.
Filters Java class for Filters complex type.
FiltersType Java class for FiltersType complex type.
GeneralSettings Java class for GeneralSettings complex type.
GeneralSettingsType Java class for GeneralSettingsType complex type.
JDBCDrivers Java class for JDBCDrivers complex type.
JDBCDriverType Java class for JDBCDriverType complex type.
MDSCS Java class for MDSCS complex type.
MDSSCoreServiceInstance Java class for MDSSCoreServiceInstance complex type.
MDSSCoreServiceInstanceType Java class for MDSSCoreServiceInstanceType complex type.
MDSSDeviceServiceAttributes Java class for MDSSDeviceServiceAttributes complex type.
MDSSDeviceServiceAttributesType Java class for MDSSDeviceServiceAttributesType complex type.
MDSSHostServiceInstance Java class for MDSSHostServiceInstance complex type.
MDSSHostServiceInstanceType Java class for MDSSHostServiceInstanceType complex type.
MDSSServerTasks Java class for MDSSServerTasks complex type.
MDSSServerTasksType Java class for MDSSServerTasksType complex type.
MDSSUserDevicePolicy Java class for MDSSUserDevicePolicy complex type.
MDSSUserDevicePolicyType Java class for MDSSUserDevicePolicyType complex type.
MDSSUserServiceAttributes Java class for MDSSUserServiceAttributes complex type.
MDSSUserServiceAttributesType Java class for MDSSUserServiceAttributesType complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the com.rim.bes.basplugin.mdss.dto package.
ServicedBESServers Java class for ServicedBESServers complex type.
ServicedBESServersType Java class for ServicedBESServersType complex type.
ServicedCSServers Java class for ServicedCSServers complex type.
ServicedCSServersType Java class for ServicedCSServersType complex type.
Statistics Java class for Statistics complex type.
StatisticsType Java class for StatisticsType complex type.
SupportedBES Java class for SupportedBES complex type.
SupportedBESType Java class for SupportedBESType complex type.
SupportedMDSCS Java class for SupportedMDSCS complex type.
SupportedMDSCSType Java class for SupportedMDSCSType complex type.

Enum Summary
ConnectionErrorEnumType Java class for ConnectionErrorEnumType.
DatabaseTypeEnumType Java class for DatabaseTypeEnumType.
ExternalAccessEnumType Java class for ExternalAccessEnumType.
MDSSDeviceServiceStatusEnumType Java class for MDSSDeviceServiceStatusEnumType.
RunningStatusEnumType Java class for RunningStatusEnumType.
ServerStatusEnumType Java class for ServerStatusEnumType.

Package com.rim.bes.basplugin.mdss.dto Description

Contains BlackBerry MDS Services classes

BlackBerry Administration API

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