Interface Summary
BBMPlatformChannel When a channel is created, the user can invite one or more BBM contacts to interact.
BBMPlatformConnection This interface is a base interface of BBMPlatformChannel and BBMPlatformSession providing basic functionality of sending invitations, messages and maintaining a contact list in a connection.
BBMPlatformConnectionListener The BBMPlatformConnectionListener is a base class of BBMPlatformChannelListener and BBMPlatformSessionListener.
BBMPlatformIncomingJoinRequest This interface defines an incoming join request that the user receives when he or she is hosting a public connection.
BBMPlatformJoinRequest This interface is a base interface of BBMPlatformOutgoingJoinRequest and BBMPlatformIncomingJoinRequest providing functionality of sending or canceling join requests for request senders, and accepting or declining join requests for hosts.
BBMPlatformOutgoingJoinRequest This interface defines an outgoing join request that the user sent to someone else who may or may not be in the user's BBM contact list.
BBMPlatformSession When a session is created, a user can invite one or more BBM contacts to interact; also, any participant can further invite their BBM contacts to join to the session.
IOErrorCode Error codes specified in the callbacks in MessagingServiceListener.

Class Summary
BBMPlatformChannelListener BBMChannelListener is required for BBMPlatformChannel to be created, and provides callback methods for BBMPlatformChannel events.
BBMPlatformData The BBMPlatformData class represents the data to be sent to or received from a BBMPlatformContact using a BBMPlatformChannel or BBMPlatformSession.
BBMPlatformSessionListener BBMPlatformSessionListener is required for BBMPlatformSession to be created, and provides callback methods for BBMPlatformSession events.

Exception Summary
ContactUnreachableException Exception thrown when queued packets for unreachable contacts have reached the buffer limit
DataOverflowException Exception thrown when an application tries to send data over the data limit

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