Package net.rim.blackberry.api.bbm.platform

Interface Summary
BBMPlatformContext In order to access the BBM platform, an application should register with the BBMPlatformManager by calling its registration method, which returns a BBMPlatformContext object.

Class Summary
BBMPlatformApplication An application that needs to register with BBMPlatform needs to override this class.
BBMPlatformContextListener Receives and handles status change events related to the BBMPlatformContext.
BBMPlatformManager The BBMPlatformManager class contains the entry point for accessing the BBM Social SDK and provides methods to register the application with the BBM Platform, access BBMContactList and UserProfile, and to send and receive messages.
Plugin The base class for all types of BBM platform plug-in.
SettingsManager Allows the application to query user settings for the application.

Exception Summary
BBMPlatformException A base class for some exceptions used in BBM Platform.

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