Package net.rim.blackberry.api.bbm.platform.profile

Interface Summary
ContactListProvider Provides custom contact list with groups/filters for Contact Picker UI
Presence Presence includes basic BBM profile elements and provides methods to retrieve them

Class Summary
BBMInvitationRequest This class is used by the application to provide BBM Platform with the information required to send a BBM invitation request to a contact.
BBMPlatformContact This class provides access to basic contact profile details
BBMPlatformContactList This class represents a collection of BBMPlatformContact objects Methods of this class are not synchronized
ProfileLocation This class provides methods to access location info of the user from their BBM profile
UserProfile This class provides methods to access the current user's BBM profile.
UserProfileBox A box for this application that appears in the current user's profile.
UserProfileBoxItem A profile box item.

Exception Summary
UserProfileBoxAccessException Thrown when the UserProfileBox is inaccessible because the device is in mass storage mode.

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