The Invoke object contains methods that interact with other applications on a BlackBerry PlayBook.

The invoke() method on the invoke object allows you to pass arguments to the target application.
The types of arguments can be one of: blackberry.invoke.AddressBookArguments, blackberry.invoke.BrowserArguments, blackberry.invoke.CalendarArguments, blackberry.invoke.CameraArguments, blackberry.invoke.JavaArguments, blackberry.invoke.MapsArguments, blackberry.invoke.MemoArguments, blackberry.invoke.MessageArguments, blackberry.invoke.PhoneArguments, blackberry.invoke.SearchArguments, and blackberry.invoke.TaskArguments.

Supported Platform(s)
- BlackBerry OS 5.0+
- BlackBerry PlayBook
- Supported Platform Table: Expand

Configuration Document Settings
To use all of the API described for this object, you must ensure the following settings are in your configuration document:
Feature Elements
You must declare the feature element(s) below in your configuration document:
Feature ID OS 5.0 OS 6.0 OS 7.0 PlayBook
<feature id="blackberry.invoke" /> Y Y Y Y

Permission Elements (PlayBook Only)
This API does not require a <permission> element to be declared in the configuration document of your BlackBerry WebWorks Application.




static void invoke(appType : Number, [args: Object])

Supported Platform(s)
 - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
 - BlackBerry PlayBook

 Invokes another application on the BlackBerry Playbook.

Parameter Type Description
appType Number an integer value representing the type of application to launch. Must be one of the 'APP_*' constants.
args Object
An arguments object specifying information for the application being invoked.
Throws Description
Exception If values supplied are not correct.


Constant Type Description Supported Platform(s)
blackberry.invoke.APP_ADDRESSBOOK Number = 0 Constant used to invoke the Address Book.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
blackberry.invoke.APP_BLUETOOTH_CONFIG Number = 1 Constant used to invoke the Bluetooth Configuration.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
blackberry.invoke.APP_CALCULATOR Number = 2 Constant used to invoke the Calculator.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
blackberry.invoke.APP_CALENDAR Number = 3 Calendar.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
blackberry.invoke.APP_CAMERA Number = 4 Camera.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
 - BlackBerry PlayBook
blackberry.invoke.APP_MAPS Number = 5 Maps.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
 - BlackBerry PlayBook
blackberry.invoke.APP_MEMOPAD Number = 6 Constant used to invoke the Memopad.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
blackberry.invoke.APP_MESSAGES Number = 7 Constant used to invoke the Messages Application.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
blackberry.invoke.APP_PHONE Number = 8 Constant used to invoke the Phone.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
blackberry.invoke.APP_SEARCH Number = 9 Constant used to invoke the Search.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
blackberry.invoke.APP_TASKS Number = 10 Constant used to invoke the Tasks.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
blackberry.invoke.APP_BROWSER Number = 11 Browser.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
 - BlackBerry PlayBook
blackberry.invoke.APP_JAVA Number = 12 Constant used to invoke a Java Application.  - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
blackberry.invoke.APP_MUSIC Number = 13 Music Application.  - BlackBerry PlayBook
blackberry.invoke.APP_PHOTOS Number = 14 Photos Application.  - BlackBerry PlayBook
blackberry.invoke.APP_VIDEOS Number = 15 Videos Application.  - BlackBerry PlayBook
blackberry.invoke.APP_APPWORLD Number = 16 App World Application.  - BlackBerry PlayBook

Code Example(s)

<script type="text/javascript">

function startCameraApp() {
             var args = new blackberry.invoke.CameraArguments();
             args.view = blackberry.invoke.CameraArguments.VIEW_RECORDER;

             blackberry.invoke.invoke(blackberry.invoke.APP_CAMERA, args);

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