BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE) v4.1

The latest release of the BlackBerry® Java™ Development Environment (JDE) v4.1 provides more features than ever before, including enhancements to APIs, the BlackBerry Integrated Design Environment (IDE), simulators, documentation and samples.

The BlackBerry JDE v4.1 now provides support for Sun JDK 5.0 release. As well, the IDE includes support for third party debugging tools via Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP), enabling a choice of development packages for BlackBerry application development. The BlackBerry JDE v4.1 release also allows the integration of third-party source control systems making development in a multi-versioned environment easier.

Device simulators
New JDE v4.1 simulators include enhanced GPS simulation for location-based applications and additional tools to make automated testing easier. The simulator now supports naming GPS locations, called the Automated GPS movement, which allows routes between locations to be created and played back, aiding in the testing of location-based applications. Programmatic control of the simulator is also available with a new tool, the Simulator Controller, which is available for automating simulator tasks and testing.

API Enhancements
Included in the BlackBerry JDE v4.1 are new APIs and enhancements to existing ones, including:

  • BlackBerry Smart Card Reader™ API
  • Compression
  • ServiceRouting API
  • Address Book APIs - Retrieve sort order, categories
  • Phone APIs - Access to device phone number and SIM Card
  • Runtime APIs - Expanded application invocation API support; detect user password enable/disable status; detect network time
  • Home Screen APIs

BlackBerry JDE v4.1 also has updated and expanded documentation, including sample code, such as:

  • Enhancements to developer guides for new content
  • Additional sample code illustrating new functionality and complex techniques
  • Sample applications that demonstrate best practices for writing applications for BlackBerry

To download this latest release, visit the Developers section of the BlackBerry web site.

See the article Count your Beans for instructions on how you can now develop for BlackBerry using Sun NetBeans Mobility Pack.

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