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Harry Emerson Fosdick

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Q&A with Senior Product Manager Steve Knapp Regarding the Upcoming Release of BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1

After being in "sneak preview" mode for the past few months, the newest version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server, version 4.1, is about to be released. BlackBerry Connection sat down with Senior Product Manager Steve Knapp for a firsthand look at the key new features administrators and users have been asking for.

BlackBerry Connection: How is the new release of BlackBerry Enterprise Server a step forward?

Steve Knapp: There are many reasons that BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 will be welcomed by our customers. First we added a number of enterprise class features, including role-based administration and group administration to help administrators manage larger BlackBerry® populations – those over 500 or 1000 users.

BC: How does this feature help BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators?
SK: It means enterprise administrators spend less time administering devices and they can, for example, assign certain minor tasks to help desk personnel who are closer to the users. It’s another way we’re working to lower the total cost of ownership.

BC: What else can customers look for in BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1?
SK: We’ve added a PIN-to-PIN, SMS and phone auditing feature to help our customers meet the more demanding regulatory compliance requirements they have to contend with, such as Sarbanes-Oxley in the U.S.

To facilitate customer development efforts as they move beyond mobile email, the BlackBerry MDS™ [Mobile Data System™] application development environment is being included with each BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1. Included is a new tool called MDS Studio that allows companies to very quickly mobilize applications from Web Services, and lower costs, because they won’t need the same level of Java development expertise to create such applications.

The other major area where we’re moving beyond email is in enterprise instant messaging support. For many users, this is an exciting addition (and a personal favorite). Release 4.1 supports three Enterprise Instant Messaging platforms: Sametime® from IBM®, Windows Messenger® from Microsoft® and GroupWise Messenger® from Novell®.

BC: How was this release planned?
SK: There are a number of customer forums where we gain valuable input as new releases are planned. Thousands of calls come into our Technical Support lines every year, many of which are feature requests. There were somewhere between 500-1000 requests that were analyzed for this release alone.

We also receive great feedback from user groups that have been created by BlackBerry administrators and users around North America and Europe.

Finally, we also get input from the two to three thousand customers that attend our Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) each year.

BC: What else will users notice in BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1?
SK: We’ve added more features for Domino users than in any previous release. That includes support for Notes encryption and IBM's DB2® database. And many Domino® users will welcome support for IBM’s Sametime instant messaging product.

BC: Where can BlackBerry Connection readers find more information and get BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 for their organization?
SK: You can acquire this release from your wireless carrier. RIM plans to release the Domino and Exchange versions of BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the market in March and the GroupWise® version in April.

For more information, and for a sneak peek of BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1, attend this free on-demand webcast, Sneak Peak - BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1

BC: Thanks for your time, Steve!

Visit for more information on BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1


WirelessEnterprise Symposium 2006

“A fantastic experience that provided a significant networking opportunity and exposure to emerging / new technologies and vendors.”

John Ainsworth, Vice President


Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES)
Orlando, Florida
May 16 – 18, 2006

Every year, thousands of attendees and sponsors from around the world make the Wireless Enterprise Symposium the foundation of their wireless initiatives. It puts together all the information, tools, technologies and partners you need to complete your wireless project or application deployment. You’ll walk away from the symposium with solid strategy, best practices and proven ROI models for incorporating wireless technology into your enterprise.

The Solutions Showcase offers product demonstrations, lively talks and one-on-one networking opportunities with wireless vendors and carriers.

Breakout Sessions provide real-world stories from enterprises that have been there.

Main Stage Industry Presentations feature industry analysts and technology leaders who will share their vision and insight on mobilizing the enterprise. This year's speaker lineup includes:

STEVEN LEVITT, bestselling author, Freakonomics.

JERRY LINENGER, former NASA astronaut and author of The Sky is Not the Limit: My 132 Days Off the Planet.

MICHAEL RAYNOR, author of The Innovator's Solution.

Watch for more speaker announcements, special events, registration information and new educational tracks in upcoming editions of BlackBerry Connection.



Want to learn more about BlackBerry Training? Attend this free webcast for a complete overview of the training programs and services offered through BlackBerry Education Services: Introducing BlackBerry Education and Training Tuesday, February 7, 2006.


Want to get the most from your BlackBerry Enterprise Solution™?
Consider one of the BlackBerry Training™ courses being offered in Winter 2006, designed by the makers of BlackBerry.

Learn the Basics and More

Discover how to use your BlackBerry devices and desktop software more effectively – in just 30 minutes – with two new hands-on, interactive online courses: Using Your BlackBerry Device and Introduction to BlackBerry Desktop Software Version 4.1. Cost per course: US $30*

Save time and increase your productivity by discovering how to:

  • Use phone, calendar and address book features
  • Customize your device
  • Perform better searches
  • Use keyboard shortcuts
  • Use Bluetooth® to connect to hands-free car kits or wireless headsets

To register:

* Only available to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

Expand Your Knowledge With Instructor-led Administration Courses

Now available in the UK, Canada and even more U.S. cities:
Instructor – led advanced administration courses for BlackBerry Enterprise Server® software Version 4.0.

View course dates and locations and register for BlackBerry Enterprise Server software v4.0 for Microsoft Exchange Advanced Administration and BlackBerry Enterprise Server software v4.0 for IBM Lotus Domino Advanced Administration courses.

Coming Soon: Even More Instructor-led Courses

BlackBerry Enterprise Server software Version 4.0 for Novell GroupWise Advanced Administration will be available in the near future. For more information, contact




Whether you’re just beginning an evaluation program, ready to mobilize applications beyond email, or you’re looking for information on BlackBerry education and training, the BlackBerry Enterprise Resource Center provides centralized, self-serve access to the latest live and on-demand BlackBerry webcasts.

Training and Support:

Introducing BlackBerry Education and Training
Tuesday, February 7, 2006, 12pm - 1pm EDT

Technical Support Services for BlackBerry – Protecting Your BlackBerry Investment
Tuesday, February 21, 2006, 12pm - 1pm EDT


Domino Web Services and BlackBerry MDS Studio
Wednesday, February 1, 2006, 12pm - 1pm EDT

Business Solutions and Research:

Research Overview: Aberdeen Group's Mobile Field Service Study
Wednesday, February 15, 2006, 12pm - 1pm EDT

BlackBerry for Professional Services Firms – Taking Your Practice Wireless with BlackBerry
Thursday, February 16, 2006, 12pm - 1pm EDT

BlackBerry for Professional Services Firms – How to Implement BlackBerry for Your Practice
Thursday, February 23, 2006, 12pm - 1pm EDT


  • Technical support direct from RIM
  • Adaptable and scalable support options
  • Access to technical support via phone, email and online chat
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Solution support for:
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • IBM Lotus Domino
    • Novell GroupWise
  • Access to electronic software downloads and free upgrades

Receive additional information and a price quote


Technical Support Services for BlackBerry – Protecting Your BlackBerry Investment


Technical Support Services is a comprehensive suite of annual and scalable technical support and software maintenance services provided directly from RIM, the manufacturer and wireless experts for BlackBerry. This suite of services offers a single point of contact for technical support and software releases for BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry devices as well as support for the software components of BlackBerry Connect™ and BlackBerry Built-In™ devices, regardless of where they were initially purchased.

Technical Support Services can help protect your BlackBerry investment while allowing your organization to stay flexible and your IT budget to remain manageable. The result is increased competitive advantage and efficiency, a more productive and effective IT department, and a more satisfied wireless user community.

With Technical Support Services from RIM, you are truly on the vanguard. You receive free software upgrades via electronic download plus you have access to frequently asked questions, technical documentation and self-help support featuring a deep knowledge base.



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Here are some valuable tips for both IT administrators and BlackBerry users that we hope help you with the day-to-day use of your BlackBerry device.

For BlackBerry Users:
Q: How do I move to the top or bottom of a page or list of messages?
A: To get to the top press CAP + T. To go to the bottom of a page press CAP + B.

Q: When navigating a page, how do I move the cursor to the top of the page?
A: Press CAP + Spacebar

For Enterprise Administrators:

Scenario #1: You need to set an Enterprise Activation Password

Tip: The BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator creates a temporary Wireless Activation for the user account by:

1. Selecting “Set An Activation Password” for the user on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server under user properties on the General tab and communicating this to the user.

Or by:

2. Selecting “Generate and Email Activation Password” and the password is automatically emailed to the user’s email address.

Scenario #2: You receive the error message “IT Policy Rejected” on your BlackBerry device while you are performing an enterprise activation.

(Note: This message often occurs when a user is removed from one BlackBerry Enterprise Server and added to another, if the environment is being upgraded from a trial version to a full version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. It may also occur if the BlackBerry device has an IT Policy in place with the previous version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This IT Policy cannot be overwritten and enterprise activation will fail.

Tip: To activate the device on the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you need to remove all services and data associated with the previous BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

For instructions, view article KB-02318 online.

Once you’ve wiped all services and data, enterprise activate again either from the device or by connecting to your personal computer. The new service books and IT Policy will be pushed to the device and the enterprise activation will then proceed.





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Put on a few extra pounds over the holidays? Don’t worry! Ascendo Inc., a BlackBerry Alliance Member, has created a great application for BlackBerry devices that will help you get into shape and look great in 2006.

Ascendo Fitness lets you track the calories from the foods you eat and the calories you burn while you exercise. It provides tools and assistants that are designed to put you on the right track to achieving your goals. Buy today and receive Ascendo Fitness for 10% off using promotion code "BBConnectnews." Click here. Offer expires February 28, 2006.



RIM Showcases BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 for IBM Lotus Domino at Lotusphere 2006

BlackBerry to Offer Mac Support

BlackBerry Users to Gain Mobile Access to Google Talk and Google Local

For a complete listing of announcements, visit the BlackBerry Press Releases section of the RIM web site.



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