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Instant Messaging on Your BlackBerry
Top 7 Reasons you need BlackBerry Messenger
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In our last issue of BlackBerry Connection™, we asked for feedback from our readers.

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Many wanted to know if there is a text version of the newsletter. The answer is yes, we do offer a text version, with links to the full version online. You can receive the text email by simply updating your subscription and email preferences using the link found in the Subscription section at the bottom of each newsletter (or click here).

So, what can you expect to see in this issue of BlackBerry Connection?

This edition focuses on BlackBerry® Messenger. Instant messaging is one of the new features of BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ v4.1 we introduced last month We talked to a couple of our customers to get their thoughts on instant messaging, or IM as it’s commonly referred to. Mitch Joel weighs in with his Top 7 reasons he says everyone should use BlackBerry Messenger.

You’ll also find important info on Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2006 registration, user tips, plus all our regular features.

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WirelessEnterprise Sysmposium2006

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The BlackBerry Corporate Application Awards

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The Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2006 – it’s back,
with more value than ever!

For five great years, the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) has brought together people and organizations from around the world to focus on wireless technology. No other conference offers this kind of material – all focused on BlackBerry, wireless solutions and developing the best deployment strategy for your organization.

On May 16-18, WES 2006 will happen at one of Orlando’s most upscale conference sites: the Gaylord Palms Resort & Conference Center. Take advantage of early bird pricing until March 31 and receive $200 off your registration. You could also be eligible for another $100 off, if you attended either WES 2005 or the 2005 Connect with the Experts Seminar Series.
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Research all your wireless needs at a single event that attracts industry leaders, carriers and software vendors. Some of the highlights include:

  • 100 breakout sessions and three distinct tracks aimed at business leaders, IT administrators and developers
  • Hands-on labs focused on the latest development and management technologies
  • The Solutions Showcase – a vital business park of 100 vendors dedicated to wireless solutions
  • Dynamic keynotes, including Steven Levitt, Author of Freakonomics; Jerry Linenger, Former NASA Astronaut and Author of The Sky Is Not the Limit: My 132 Days Off the Planet; Michael Raynor, Director of Deloitte Research and coauthor of the Innovator’s Solution.

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Enjoy Instant Messaging While You Are Mobile

Many of us rely on Instant Messaging, or IM, every day, because it allows us to connect with whoever we want, when we need to. But until recently, IM has only been available on your desktop. BlackBerry now offers a number of easy to use, reliable versions of instant messaging for your BlackBerry device. These applications all have the best features of desktop IM, including login management, contact management, simultaneous conversations and even multi-user chats and emoticons. Plus, everything is integrated into the BlackBerry experience. So you have dedicated vibration and ringtone settings, home screen notifications, quick-switch to calendar view and message list integration.


Enterprise Instant Messaging Applications for the BlackBerry

If you are an enterprise user, the security, reliability and management features of enterprise-grade IM from Novell®, IBM® and Microsoft® are now available on your BlackBerry. IBM SameTime®, Novell GroupWise® and Microsoft Windows Messenger® have been combined with the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 that you can obtain from your carrier or direct from Research In Motion®. These IM applications integrate seamlessly with the desktop versions and allow you to stay in touch whether you are at your desk or away from it using your BlackBerry device.

Public Instant Messaging Applications for BlackBerry Devices

Enterprise and individual customers can download and install public Internet-based IM to connect to, manage and communicate through their existing Yahoo!® accounts (depending on Service Provider availability) with Yahoo! Messenger for the BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry is also working with other BlackBerry partners, including Google with Google Talk™ for the BlackBerry, available this spring. As with all BlackBerry IM applications, Google Talk will be integrated with BlackBerry so that users will be notified of new messages on their Home screen. Plus, Google Talk instant messages will be integrated into the BlackBerry Email™ inbox and users will enjoy quick access to the BlackBerry Calendar™ from Google Talk for meeting scheduling.

BlackBerry Messenger

The new BlackBerry Messenger application makes it easy to interface with other members of the BlackBerry community – and it’s free. What’s more, it allows you to invite others to join your buddy list and start communicating, without needing a separate IM account.

BlackBerry Messenger puts all the best features of desktop IM at your fingertips:

  • login management
  • contact management
  • simultaneous conversations
  • multi-user chats and emoticons
  • dedicated vibration and ringtone settings
  • Home screen notifications
  • quick-switch to calendar view
  • message list integration

BlackBerry Messenger is already pre-installed on many current BlackBerry devices. You can invite other users to join your buddy list from within BlackBerry Messenger, just tell them to download the application for free at: The site also includes a link to the BlackBerry Messenger User Guide.

System Requirements

BlackBerry Messenger

  • BlackBerry Device software v3.6 or later
  • 16MB of memory or greater

*Cingular Wireless customers please note Cingular does not support BlackBerry Messenger at this time.

Yahoo! Messenger for the BlackBerry

  • Available for Rogers, Nextel, O2 UK, 3 Hong Kong and Sprint BlackBerry users
  • 301KB of free space

Enterprise IM Applications – SameTime, GroupWise, Microsoft Messenger

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1
  • Free client software for BlackBerry devices is included with BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 specific to your email platform
  • Either IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Server v3.1 or v6.5.1, Windows® Messenger/Live Communications Server 2005, or Novell® GroupWise Messenger® 1.0.2 or higher



Mitch Joel

For a more light-hearted look at IM on BlackBerry, following is a contribution from Montreal entrepreneur Mitch Joel, a self-confessed BlackBerry addict and an early convert to BlackBerry Messenger. As President of Twist Image, a marketing communications firm, and a frequent conference speaker, he is constantly on the go, and needs to be in instant contact with his business partners.


Top 7 Reasons You Need BlackBerry Messenger – by Mitch Joel

1. It's really "instant on": I enjoy ongoing conversations with my business partners, no matter where I am in the world.

2. The real meeting: BlackBerry Messenger allows me - and my business partners - to have our "own" discussion live, during a meeting, as others are talking - it keeps us on the same page.

3. When you're in a meeting and your partners are not around, BlackBerry Messenger allows me to shoot off a quick note/question to them without picking up a phone or interrupting a meeting.

4. "Stop breathing so loud!": I was recently in a briefing with a client and one of my partners was on the phone back in Montreal. For some reason, it sounded like he was doing some heavy breathing into the conference phone. I was able to notify him via BlackBerry Messenger and take a couple of shots at him without anyone else being "in" on the slight indiscretion.

5. Multi-chat: I'm home on the couch and come up with an idea that needs instant feedback? My partners and I are all live - in three separate locations.

6. We're boys. Boys love their toys. This is a great “toy.”

7. I find that I am able to connect more directly with people who were otherwise hard to connect with because they think Blackberry Messenger is cool and they want people to add to their buddy list - that works out well for me ;) They’re too busy to answer a phone or an email but never too busy to play with a cool new Blackberry toy.

BONUS #8 Late? Running behind schedule? It's always great to notify someone at a group meeting - live - when I am stuck in traffic and going to be a couple of minutes late. It always takes some pressure off as people know I'm "live" and really on my way.

Mitch Joel is a marketing visionary, interactive expert, community leader, Blogger and believer in doing the impossible. As President of Twist Image [], a Montreal-based marketing agency, Mitch has been featured in Marketing Magazine, The Globe & Mail, The National Post and more as a subject matter expert in the field of online marketing. Mitch also holds executive positions in the IAB Canada (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and the CMA (Canadian Marketing Association).

More on BlackBerry Messenger




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One of the most frequent requests from the mail we received was for more tips and tricks for new(er) BlackBerry users. If this is you, the on-demand webcast BlackBerry Tips and Tricks may be just what you’re looking for.

Last month we asked you for your favorite tip to share with other BlackBerry users. Many of you had suggestions for tips you’d like to see. Thank you for those questions and we’ll try to cover them in upcoming editions. Andy Karpel with RB BALCH Consultants of Glendale, Arizona, and Ashley McGlone of Georgetown, Kentucky, each sent one of the tips below and will receive a BlackBerry golf shirt.

Toggle Speaker Phone On and Off:
On the 7100, while calling or connected to a call if you hit the "OP" button it turns on the speakerphone. Hitting it again turns off the speakerphone.

Quick Access to Help:
Use ALT+CAP+H to access the "Help Me!" screen where at a glance you can quickly check important information like signal strength, battery level, free memory, PIN, etc.

Looking for more? Click here for publicly available support documents, including the most requested items.





Whether you’re just beginning an evaluation program, ready to mobilize applications beyond email, or you’re looking for information on BlackBerry education and training, the BlackBerry Enterprise Resource Center provides centralized, self-serve access to the latest live and on-demand BlackBerry webcasts.

For Developers: Customize.
BlackBerry MDS Studio Concepts 3
March 15, 2006, 12pm EDT
Go in-depth with BlackBerry MDS Studio™ – this session builds off of the BlackBerry MDS™ Studio: Concepts 1 and 2 webcasts, focusing on the top-down development approach. Key topics discussed in this webcast include: building an application starting with screens, data and messages and moving through to a web service definition; custom screens, controls, data and messages; and live examples of the BlackBerry MDS Studio® development tool.

Also of interest - BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 Administrator training

For Business: Knowledge. Speed. Service.
These upcoming webcasts explore ways your organization can gain competitive and productivity advantages with a BlackBerry solution.

Extending Applications to BlackBerry for Professional Services
March 2, 2006, 12pm EDT
Legal, accounting, architecture and engineering, consulting and advertising represent a few of the many flavors of professional services that use BlackBerry today. This webcast will help professional services firms understand how a BlackBerry solution can help them create a competitive advantage, more billable hours, increased client satisfaction and an improved work-life balance.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 on BlackBerry.
Wireless CRM for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

March 21, 2006, 12pm EDT
Empower your in-field sales and service teams with account access and update capabilities through their BlackBerry devices.

Top 10 Webcaststhe most requested presentations

What’s Newthe latest additions to the webcast schedule



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