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MAY 2006

"Small businesses create two out of every three new jobs"


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Win 4 devices for your company: Submit Your Success Story
Product News: BlackBerry Internet Service 2.0, BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1
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In the News: RV-PileUp Game & Yahoo! Services for BlackBerry

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One of the keys to success in your line of work is being able to access information easily - whether you are at your desk, between meetings or on the road. In this edition of BlackBerry Connection™, you will discover small business resources to help you mobilize your office, so you can stay on top of sales, capture, store and retrieve customer contacts and make better business decisions while on the go.

Plus there are special offers, tips and more, including links to insightful case studies.

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Right now, BlackBerry® partners in Canada, the U.S. and Australia are offering great deals on BlackBerry devices and software. So this is the perfect time to put BlackBerry in your teams hands - give them the power to work smarter, no matter where they go.


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BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 Express


Purchasing a new BlackBerry device? Now is the time to try out BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ v4.1 for your business. When you purchase a new BlackBerry device after May 2nd, 2006, Research in Motion® is offering for a limited time a free download of BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 Express for Microsoft® Exchange, IBM® Lotus® Domino® or Novell® GroupWise®.


The BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 Express comes with a single user license and can expand to a total of 15 users. If your business outgrows the license, you can easily upgrade to the full version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server with unlimited licenses.


Click here for details.


Offers subject to change or expire without notice.





Have you been thinking about how you can really grow your business by going mobile? Nows the time to make it happen, with advice from those whove done it! To give you some insight and ideas, weve compiled some essential resources for Small Businesses with big goals:




Key Considerations when Mobilizing your Small or Medium Business:

On Demand Webcast

White Paper


Solving the Wireless Puzzle:

A Framework for Evaluating Wireless Enterprise Platforms


BlackBerry for Small and Medium Businesses:

On Demand Webcast

White Paper


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Case Studies

Make It Work - a small business delivers on their service commitment and plans nationwide growth with BlackBerry

Morgan, Miller and Blair - a trailblazing law firm leads the way using legal applications for BlackBerry, from time and billing to unified messing and digital transcription accessibility.

Conference Planners - A group of independent conference contractors use BlackBerry to manage the details.

Real Estate - Realtor Jim Soda uses BlackBerry and mobile listing advantage to increase efficiency, effectiveness and win over customers.


Going Beyond Email

BlackBerry for Professional Services Firms - Extending Key Business Applications Wirelessly on-demand webcast

Extending Legal Applications Wirelessly - on-demand webcast

Real-Time Real Estate - BlackBerry and Wireless MLS on-demand webcast

Mobilize Your Salesforce, SalesLogix on BlackBerry - on-demand webcast

Enhance the Efficiency of Field Force Operations - on-demand webcast



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Your Chance to Win 4 BlackBerry Devices


Send us your success story. If your BlackBerry story is selected for publication, well send you 4 new BlackBerry devices of your choice! This is an exclusive offer for small businesses.


Just submit your story online.


Offer expires June 30, 2006.


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BlackBerry Internet Service v2.0

Its now easier than ever to use and manage your email.

BlackBerry Internet Service™ has been updated to provide even easier email management and message viewing.1 Enhancements include:

Easier email set up: adding email accounts is quick and easy from the BlackBerry device or by accessing the BlackBerry Internet Service website using a desktop computer.

Improved mailbox management: manage your email inboxes directly from your BlackBerry device, with oneway synchronization of read, unread, sent-items and deletes.2

Improvements to popular features: set multiple "sent from" addresses to correspond with your business and personal email accounts and experience enhanced viewing of attachments, including PowerPoint® files.

Check out the small business offers in this newsletter. For more information about BlackBerry Internet Service visit

1 Check with your service provider for their launch date of BlackBerry Internet Service v2.0.
2 One way synch from device to source only. Mail provider-, implementation- and protocol-dependant.


BlackBerry Enterprise Server Small Business Edition v4.1

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Small Business Edition 4.1 is a flexible option for growing businesses requiring integration with their email server as well as enhanced security and user management.

Just like the full BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you get "push" delivery of email to your BlackBerry device so you can manage your messages and calendar and access your contacts as though you were at the office.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Small Business Edition 4.1 comes with a 5-user license and can expand to a total of 15 users. If your business outgrows the license, you can upgrade to the full version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server with unlimited licenses.

Check out the small business offers in this newsletter. For more information about BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 visit

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For Using Your BlackBerry Device:


Dialing Letters
When dialing use the ALT + Letter keys to dial Letters (for BlackBerry 7100 Series users can press ALT + Letter keys with Multi-tap). The BlackBerry device will automatically send the appropriate telephone touch (DTMF) tones: 2 = ABC, 3 = DEF, 4 = GHI, 5 = JKL, 6 = MNO, 7 = PQRS, etc....

This same mechanism also applies when you are connected to a phone call. For example some corporate PBXs ask you to enter a Last Name.


Delete Prior Messages
"Delete Prior" allows you to manage your handheld Inbox and memory without deleting items from your Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Novell GroupWise environment:

  • "Delete Prior" is available from the Message List menu when you highlight a Date Separator bar.
  • If you perform Message List Search then select "Delete Prior," only the Search Results are deleted (refer to the example Phone Logs below).


BlackBerry offers bi-directional reconciliation of Deleted, Filed, and Read/Unread message status. You can also remotely empty your Deleted Items folder to help manage your mailbox quota from Messages-Options-Email Reconciliation-Purge Deleted Items.


For IT Administrators:


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* Check with service provider for availability, roaming arrangements and service plans. Certain features outlined in this document require a minimum version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software, BlackBerry Desktop Software, BlackBerry device software and/or BlackBerry devices and may require additional development or third party products and/or services for access to corporate applications. Prior to subscribing to or implementing any third party products and services, it is your responsibility to ensure that the airtime service provider you are working with has agreed to support all of the features of the third party products and services. Installation and use of third party products and services with Research In Motion's ("RIM") products and services may require one or more patent, trademark or copyright licenses in order to avoid infringement of the intellectual property rights of others. You are solely responsible for determining whether such third party licenses are required and are responsible for acquiring any such licenses. To the extent that such intellectual property licenses may be required, RIM expressly recommends that you do not install or use these products and services until all such applicable licenses have been acquired by you or on your behalf. Your use of third party software shall be governed by and subject to you agreeing to the terms of separate software licenses, if any, for those products or services. Any third party products or services that are provided with RIM products and services are provided "as is." RIM makes no representation, warranty or guarantee whatsoever in relation to the third party products or services and RIM assumes no liability whatsoever in relation to the third party products and services, even if RIM has been advised of the possibility of such damages or can anticipate such damages.
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