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Case Studies: Two Businesses that Reduced Costs and Increased Productivity with BlackBerry Partner Solutions

BlackBerry Case StudiesThe BlackBerry® solution provides numerous ways to streamline your company's operations and delivers a proven return on investment. In this issue of BlackBerry® Connection®, we highlight case studies from two medium-size businesses that worked with BlackBerry® Alliance Program Members to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Edina Couriers reduced drivers' communication costs and improved dispatch operations by deploying BlackBerry smartphones and Air-Trak software.

City Securities reduced its IT department's workload and created a solution to maintain continuity of communications in an emergency by working with Tenet Mobile.

Customer Success

By employing a BlackBerry solution, thousands of companies have enhanced productivity and improved their return on investment. The two case studies below focus on medium-size businesses that have worked with our partners to reach their goals.

Edina Couriers

BlackBerry Case Studies: Edina CouriersEdina Couriers, a 130-person courier service, used the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution and Air-Trak to reduce communication costs for employees and improve dispatch and tracking operations. Standalone GPS systems had proven to be prohibitively expensive and not appropriate for all the vehicles drivers used. Additionally, contacting drivers who each had different phones running on different networks was a problem.

By deploying BlackBerry smartphones equipped with Air-Trak software, Edina Couriers was able to reduce costs and more accurately track its drivers—giving clients up-to-the-minute information on when they could expect their packages. To learn more, click here.

City Securities

BlackBerry Case Studies: City SecuritiesCity Securities, a 175-person finance and insurance company, had already deployed BlackBerry smartphones to many of its employees. The problem they faced was how to keep contact information up to date, particularly the PIN number for each device. By working with Tenet Mobile, City Securities found a solution that would auto-update contact information whenever a smartphone was added or removed from the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server.

This solution ensured that contact information was up to date and all users' BlackBerry smartphone PIN numbers were easily accessible. With this information at hand, employees knew they could contact one another at any time—even in a communications blackout. To learn more about the PINpoint application that City Securities deployed, click here.

To learn about other success stories and how the BlackBerry solution has supported government agencies and businesses of all sizes, go to the BlackBerry Customer Success homepage. Or visit


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