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How the BlackBerry Solution Keeps Your Data Safe

BlackBerry SolutionsMore and more, business is being conducted in environments outside the office. Organizations of all sizes—from 50-person companies to globe-spanning corporations—are utilizing feature-rich mobile devices to enhance employee productivity. However, with this increased productivity comes a new set of worries for business owners: Is the data that employees send and receive on these devices secure while it's being transferred? What happens if an employee's smartphone gets lost? How much control does a company have over its phones?

Built from the ground up with a "security first" philosophy, the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution gives your business the tools it needs to secure your data and mobile devices.

Unparalleled Data Security

The cornerstone of industry-leading BlackBerry security is the unique architecture of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, which ensures that data is secured and encrypted before it ever leaves your corporate firewall, stays encrypted in transit, and can be accessed only by the intended recipient. This end-to-end security model seamlessly protects your company's data and your employees' personal data from the growing threat of data breaches and malware infection.

BlackBerry data security means more than just secure email conversations: It means maximum security for all data transfers, including email attachments and transfers initiated by any standard or custom applications running on your employees' BlackBerry smartphones. This built-in security is a primary reason the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is in use by organizations with the most stringent security requirements, including the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as governments and corporations throughout the world.

However, the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution goes beyond encrypting and protecting your data in transit, providing full control over all of your company's devices, with the Mobile Device Management system.

BlackBerry Data Security Illustration
The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is the only mobile platform that encrypts data on the server, in transit, and on the device.

BlackBerry Mobile Device Management

Research In Motion (RIM) understands that one of the most crucial aspects of any technology rollout is control—control of both data and hardware. Toward that end, the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution includes the Mobile Device Management system, which allows you to direct all aspects of your company's BlackBerry smartphones.

Total Data Control

With an increasing amount of sensitive information (including sales data, customer details and technical data) stored on mobile devices, the loss or theft of one such device can prove to be a major security breach. The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution provides you with two vital tools to mitigate this risk: remote password change and remote data wipe.

For an example of how BlackBerry® Mobile Device Management can solve a real-world problem, consider the following situation: The owner of a medium-size real estate agency is informed by an IT administrator that an employee's smartphone has gone missing. This smartphone contains customer contact information, as well as sensitive data about several pending transactions. The manager knows that it is in the best interest of her customers and the company to keep this data from falling into unknown hands, but what is she to do?

Because the company leverages the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, the owner has nothing to worry about. Her IT department starts by remotely changing the password on the missing smartphone, locking out any potential intruders. Because the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution allows for remote password changes, the IT department does not have to resort to a full data wipe right away, affording the employee vital time to ascertain that the smartphone has not been simply misplaced. Soon after, the user finds the smartphone and is able to resume using it without the potentially costly inconvenience of lost data. Of course, had the smartphone remained lost, a full remote data wipe would have been performed, ensuring the safety of the sensitive data.

Total Device Control

Every job has different demands, and with Mobile Device Management, you can customize your BlackBerry smartphones to provide exactly the toolset your employees need. Application permissions can be set, allowing or disallowing individual smartphones access to email, the Internet or custom corporate applications. You can also control how each smartphone accesses the Internet and your company's intranet, choosing which sites are accessible. Additionally, you can control employee access to the BlackBerry smartphone's features, such as the camera, Wi-Fi® connectivity, and individual Bluetooth® peripherals.

For some individuals, the camera included with many BlackBerry smartphones is an invaluable tool that is used throughout the day. For example, real estate agents can send photos to clients and employees of an architecture firm can show clients construction progress. However, there are many situations in which you may not always want employees want to have access to the camera—consider meetings in which sensitive information may be displayed or a visit to a factory developing a prototype product. With the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, you can always decide exactly which functions and applications any employee has access to, allowing you a granular level of control over your data.

There is no one-size-fits all solution for data security, which is why BlackBerry security is flexible and customizable, designed to work within the unique structure of your business. This means that the more than 450 BlackBerry IT policy rules can be configured for customized groups, so you can make sure that every employee has exactly the right permissions.


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