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Now You Can Connect Everyone Without Compromise

Introducing the free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

Does the New BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Change Everything?

If price has been a barrier to giving more employees mobile access to your organization's critical applications, email, calendar, and contacts, then we've got exciting news you will want to hear.

Research In Motion (RIM) has just launched BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express, a FREE download that lets you connect employees' BlackBerry® smartphones to work applications, email, calendar, contact list, notes, memos, and more without software and licensing costs. Get your first look at the key features and benefits, how it works, and the opportunities for businesses large and small to collaborate like never before.

What is BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express?

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is a FREE download that exists to make the BlackBerry solution accessible to all, within any sized organization. It provides the core collaboration, mobility, security, and manageability features of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, but without the licensing and software costs. And not just through email, but with full wireless sync, remote file access, applications, and more.

  • It is perfect for small- and medium-sized businesses who until now could not justify connecting employees' BlackBerry smartphones to the company's critical business applications
  • Large organizations will also benefit, as they now have an easy, low-cost, secure way to connect employee-owned BlackBerry smartphones to the company IT infrastructure
  • All organizations will no longer need to compromise on security, manageability, and price

Connect mobile employees to your business's apps

This is big news for employees who want mobile access to their work email, calendar, contacts, files, and company apps. Now they can access those important tools from virtually any location. That means higher productivity, greater teamwork, and happier customers. Here are a few ways employees can collaborate:

  • Connect to work email with such advanced features as organizing and filing mail folders, setting follow-up flags, and search
  • See work calendars and check the free/busy status of colleagues on the go, make appointments, and set reminders
  • Look up work contacts, check addresses on the road, send emails, and place calls
  • Access work applications and files from behind the network firewall:
    • Business intelligence
    • Inventory and ordering
    • CRM and sales
    • Email, calendars, and contacts
    • Financial modeling

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Key features/benefits

  • Offers many of the same security features as BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Use mobile applications to access business systems beyond the firewall
  • Works on any Internet-enabled BlackBerry data plan or BlackBerry Enterprise data plan
  • Available as a FREE software download with no licensing costs
  • Includes the base security and management functionality of BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0.1 for organizations who don't require higher-end features, along with the latest end-user enhancements
  • The web-based interface allows remote administration and makes it easy to install the software, connect BlackBerry smartphones, and apply usage policies

BlackBerry Comparison Chart Click here to see how BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express fits into the BlackBerry product lineup.

Runs on Microsoft® Exchange or Windows® Small Business Server

  • Certified for up to 75 users when installed directly on the mail server
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP2, 2007 SP2, 2010 or Windows Small Business Server 2003 and 2008
  • For greater than 75 users, can be installed on a separate server(s)*

Did we mention it is free?

As a free solution, you will likely rethink your strategy for giving your workforce mobile access to work email, calendar, contacts, and behind-the-firewall applications and documents.

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Download BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

* Supports up to 2,000 BlackBerry smartphone users per BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express installation.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

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