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BlackBerry Professional SoftwareWhat Can BlackBerry Professional Software Do for Your Small Business?

BlackBerry® Professional Software lets small-to-medium sized businesses enjoy wireless email, calendar and mobile access to business data – in a software package that’s priced right for smaller organizations and runs on your existing email system (Microsoft® Exchange and IBM® Lotus® Domino® are supported), so there’s no need to purchase additional hardware.

Who Uses BlackBerry Professional Software?
Andy Ziegler is an IT consultant to small businesses and owner of CCCS Computer Services. He recently installed BlackBerry Professional Software at his own company and found it immediately helped improve customer responsiveness and reduce the after-hours administrative burden.

“I spend 90% of my time in front of customers, and I’ve tried to manage with cell phones and PDAs,” says Ziegler. “But ultimately I’d have to return to the office to respond to emails and manually synch my PDA. I needed a better way to stay connected with our office in virtual real-time,” he says.

“Just one hour saved per employee each day can translate into significant return each month, and we’re experiencing that ourselves with BlackBerry Professional Software.”
- Andy Ziegler, Small Business Owner

Easy, Affordable and Secure
“I installed BlackBerry Professional Software on our Microsoft Exchange server and configured two BlackBerry smartphones in about an hour,” says Ziegler. “I’m a technical person, but I have to say my technical knowledge wasn’t required because the set-up wizard was extremely straightforward.”

“And it offers a high level of security for small businesses,” Ziegler points out. BlackBerry Professional Software includes the same BlackBerry security features that corporations and governments rely on – minus the complexity.

After three months of smooth operation, Ziegler now recommends the software and the BlackBerry solution to even more of his customers. “BlackBerry Professional Software makes all the benefits of wireless mobility attainable and affordable for a small business that has its own email server,” he says.

"One Extra Hour of Productivity Per Day"
BlackBerry Professional Software has given Ziegler the productivity boost he was counting on. “I’m gaining at least an hour of productive time every day by not having to synchronize my device, review my calendar and sift through emails after work,” he says.

Ziegler stresses to small business owners the significance of saving a little time each day. “I tell my own customers that just one hour saved per employee each day can translate into significant return each month, and we’re experiencing that ourselves with BlackBerry Professional Software.”

Why Switch to BlackBerry Professional Software?
If you’re using BlackBerry® Internet Service, switching to BlackBerry Professional Software makes sense.1 Imagine the potential to increase productivity when your team has mobile access to email, business data, the Internet, calendar synchronization in virtual real-time and more right at their fingertips. Plus, BlackBerry Professional Software installs easily on your existing server.

Try BlackBerry Professional Software Today!

  • Wireless access to email, business data, the Internet, organizer info and more
  • Installs easily onto your existing server. No new hardware required!
  • Easy-to-use set-up wizard gets you installed in minutes
  • Worry-free management and ongoing support options available from Research In Motion (RIM)
  • Flexible and scalable to grow as your business grows
  • Includes one FREE BlackBerry support incident should you want help to get up and running

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Is BlackBerry Professional Software For You?
If you think BlackBerry Professional Software might be just what you’ve been waiting for, but still have questions, see this helpful FAQ…


BlackBerry Professional Software FAQ

Q: How does BlackBerry Professional Software specifically help my small business?
To match the needs of your small business, BlackBerry Professional Software is affordably-priced, installs easily and requires minimal IT resources to manage.

BlackBerry Professional Software

The BlackBerry Manager provides a central management interface for quick access to usage statistics, common tasks, wizards and customization screens.

BlackBerry Professional Software offers the same wireless advantages that large corporations enjoy but is designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses – businesses that don’t require the full BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution. Get the productivity gains, advanced security features, and IT controls in a package that is priced right and scaled to your company.

Q: What email platforms does BlackBerry Professional Software support?
BlackBerry Professional Software is available for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino.

Q: How many mobile users can BlackBerry Professional Software support?
BlackBerry Professional Software is designed for small and medium sized businesses with support for up to 30 BlackBerry smartphone users.

Q: What are the upgrade options as our company grows?
BlackBerry Professional Software is flexible and scalable to grow with your business. You can simply upgrade from BlackBerry Professional Software to full BlackBerry® Enterprise Server versions 4.1.5 and higher using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Trade-Up Key. The upgrade includes an easy-to-install unlock key and service pack upgrade.

BlackBerry Professional Software

You can also set how the BlackBerry smartphone will be deployed, whether wirelessly or by the user him or herself, or for full IT control require the device to be connected to the user’s computer before it is activated.

Q: What is the price for BlackBerry Professional Software?
BlackBerry Professional Software is available in two convenient packages to suit your needs. The price is $499 USD with five Client Access Licenses (CALs), or $849 USD with ten CALs.

When you’re ready to add more users to your BlackBerry Professional Software, you can purchase additional CALs—up to a maximum of 30 total users.

The above prices are MSRP. Your service provider may sell for less.

Q: How can I get started with BlackBerry Professional Software?
To try BlackBerry Professional Software right away, download BlackBerry® Professional Software Express for free today. You get one copy of the BlackBerry Professional Software and one user license (expandable to 30 users with the purchase of additional Client Access Licenses).Offer available for a limited time only, subject to change without notice.

Q: Does BlackBerry Professional Software come with technical support?
BlackBerry Professional Software includes one FREE BlackBerry technical support incident from RIM (a $250 value). Additional support options are also available from RIM Technical Support Services.

BlackBerry Professional Software

The New User wizard walks you through the process of setting up new BlackBerry smartphone users on your network, including setting security policies for each user.

Q: Does BlackBerry Professional Software support third party application solutions?
Yes. BlackBerry Professional Software maintains functionality to allow for third party applications.

Get started with BlackBerry Professional Software Express
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1 Refer to your wireless carrier for any plan restrictions to move from BlackBerry Internet Service to BlackBerry Professional Software
2 Confirm system requirements.

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