Land New Business with the LinkedIn for BlackBerry Smartphones App

Land New Business with the LinkedIn for BlackBerry Smartphones App

New professional networking app turns a cold call into a warm introduction

Imagine walking into an important sales pitch armed with information about your audience's work experience, education, and professional interests. Would that be useful? That is now possible with the new LinkedIn® for BlackBerry® smartphones app from LinkedIn, which lets you view profiles of professionals worldwide, in real time, from virtually any location.

The LinkedIn for BlackBerry smartphones app brings the powerful networking capabilities of LinkedIn to your BlackBerry smartphone. In this article find out the app's features and get insight into how the app can help you grow your business.

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Lessons from the Winners of the Wireless Leadership Awards

Lessons from the Winners of the Wireless Leadership Awards

Hint: Focus on bringing information to customer locations

The three winners of the 2010 Wireless Leadership Awards can teach your organization important lessons in mobility. First, create solutions that give field teams access to vital information, including from legacy systems, while they are at customers' locations. Second, understand that capturing data onsite is far more accurate than inputting it back at the office. Finally, use the built-in features of the BlackBerry solution to get the most from mobility. Get ideas for your own organization by reading this inside look at the Wireless Leadership Award winners.

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Which New BlackBerry Smartphone Will You Choose?

Announcing the new BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650 smartphone and the BlackBerry® Pearl™ 3G smartphone. Both bring the full BlackBerry experience and are packed with advanced features. But each appeals to different styles and personalities. So which one will you choose?

Make a powerful statement with the BlackBerry Bold 9650

Make a powerful statement with the BlackBerry Bold 9650

When nothing but the very best will do, the BlackBerry Bold 9650 smartphone delivers. Sleek, refined, and created with impressive materials and textured finishes, the BlackBerry Bold 9650 smartphone captures the true essence of top-tier design:

  • Full QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad for fast typing and navigation
  • Built-in Wi-Fi® for faster download speeds compared to cellular networks
  • Simultaneous voice and data steaming over Wi-Fi
  • Included 2GB media card for music, photos, and more
  • A bright, high-resolution screen for optimal text, photo, and video viewing

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Discover the elegant BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone

The compact BlackBerry Pearl 9100 smartphone

Carry your friends in your pocket with the compact BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone. It feels smooth and fits perfectly in your hand. This is a BlackBerry smartphone reduced in size, but not in power:

  • 3G network support, Wi-Fi technology, GPS and on-board memory let you do everything you need to do at once
  • The 20-key condensed keyboard with SureType® technology makes one-handed texting and messaging easy
  • The long-lasting battery can play music for up to 30 hours
  • Media keys let you skip to the next tune, pause a video, or play your favorite song on repeat
  • Stylish color choices are available to suit your personal style

Both smartphones are available now. Check with your wireless service
provider for availability.

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Preview: Voice Over Wi-Fi Calling Coming to BlackBerry Mobile Voice System

Preview: Voice Over Wi-Fi Calling Coming to BlackBerry Mobile Voice System

New Voice Over Wi-Fi Calling feature on BlackBerry MVS can cut costs and conserve cell minutes

Your business will soon have a new tool for cutting telephone costs. The ability to make phone calls over Wi-Fi networks will be included in the upcoming version of BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System (MVS).

Known as Voice Over Wi-Fi Calling, the new feature will route calls through Wi-Fi networks, such as at the office, home, or any Wi-Fi hotspot. That is significant because it can let your business conserve cell minutes—and save money.

Voice Over Wi-Fi on BlackBerry smartphones and other new features of BlackBerry MVS v5 are expected later this year.

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Last Call for Your Questions and Ideas

Last Call for Your Questions and Ideas

Have you developed a BlackBerry app to help your customers?

We will be covering this hot topic and want to hear from you. UPS, for example, recently launched its UPS Mobile™ app for BlackBerry smartphones to help its customers ship packages.

If you have examples of your own, or just have questions you would like answered, send us an email with “Build Customer Apps” in the subject line to

Tips & Tricks: How to Avoid Those Embarrassing Moments

Oh, embarrassment. Try as we might, everyone experiences a few red-faced moments in life, and today's mobile business culture is no exception. What, you may ask, could possibly be embarrassing about a BlackBerry smartphone? Consider one woman we know. It seems she once pocket dialed her boss's mobile phone at 2 a.m. Next day her boss told her, “I enjoy talking to you during business hours, but not late at night so please lock your phone!”

What can you do to avoid, or at least lessen, those situations? Try these tips for your BlackBerry smartphone. Practice them regularly and you may dodge a few mortifying moments.

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BlackBerry OS 6

Support Forums

The BlackBerry® Support Community Forums are a great place for your BlackBerry device users to get help—and a place for you to connect with other IT administrators. Do you have questions about BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions? Are you looking for support on devices or accessories? Visit the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.