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I've Got a Business Library in My Pocket

Trying out the free Kobo ebook app for BlackBerry smartphones

Imagine having on-the-go access to more than one million books. Would that interest you? You can get such a library with the Kobo™ app for BlackBerry® smartphones. And we're talking about the full range of business hot sellers, top management titles, and tons of business classics. What follows is a first-hand look at the Kobo app for BlackBerry smartphones and its features.

First steps: Installing the app and creating an account

I started by downloading the free Kobo app for BlackBerry smartphones from BlackBerry App World™ to my BlackBerry smartphone. Creating a new account took just a few seconds.

I've Got a Business Library in My Pocket

Note that the Kobo app for BlackBerry smartphones is free, but most books must be purchased with a credit card. Prices start at 99 cents. (There are dozens of free books too.) Besides that, a nice benefit of the app is that there is no separate data plan beyond what you already pay for your BlackBerry smartphone.

My first book

For my first eBook I clicked on the Featured menu button, then used my credit card to purchase the Big Short by Michael Lewis for $9.99 US.

Reading my book on my BlackBerry smartphone was easy. The text was easy to read and navigation was clear and straightforward. The app automatically bookmarked my last location when I closed the app—a nice touch.


The menu choices include Featured, I'm Reading, What's New, Popular, Purchased, Lists, Search, and Options. For best sellers I checked out what was found under List. Some of the choices include Wealthy and Wise, New York Times Nonfiction Bestsellers, the Globe and Mail Bestsellers, In the News, Staff Picks, and more. Free classic books include favorites such as Sun Tzu's Art of War and Nicolo Machiavelli's The Prince.

I've Got a Business Library in My Pocket

Additional features of the app include:

  • Download your books so you can read when out of cellular or Wi-Fi® coverage
  • Use your micro-SD™ card to store books for offline reading
  • Sync your books and bookmarks to your Kobo eReader from your Bluetooth®-enabled BlackBerry smartphone
  • Skip ahead in your book with the Table of Contents page
  • Log in to your Twitter® account and share your favorite reads with your followers

Synching with the Kobo Books website

Another nice feature lets you synchronize your account across your BlackBerry smartphone, Kobo eReader, and desktop or laptop computer. From any of those Internet-connected devices you simply log in with your existing Kobo account to access all of the eBooks you've already purchased.

Your bookmarks also synch. For example, I bookmarked my place in the Big Short on my BlackBerry smartphone. Later that day I went to the exact spot on my laptop computer. It's a nice way to use different devices depending upon your needs. All in all this is a terrific app for reading books on the go.

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