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Standard Life increases the efficiency of its workforce by extending the power of its mobile devices

Standard Life increases the efficiency of its workforce by extending the power of its mobile devices

Standard Life is a financial services institution headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland that serves more than 7 million customers worldwide. Since 1825, it has been a leading provider of pensions, financial management, banking and health insurance services.

With more than 10,000 employees and a growing fleet of 1,440 BlackBerry® smartphones, Standard Life provides an excellent example of some of the mobility challenges facing a large company—and how a world-class organization rises to meet them.

The Challenge

Standard Life set a number of goals: First, because of the need to keep sensitive data safe, the organization needed to provide encrypted email for all of its BlackBerry smartphone users, without requiring the help desk to manually enable this functionality for each user.

Second, the company wanted to be able to push important, time-sensitive contact lists to mobile employees.

Third, Standard Life uses more than 18,000 IBM® Lotus® Notes® TeamRooms to make important documents accessible to the people who need them. It wanted to make this data accessible from virtually anywhere, on a BlackBerry smartphone.

Finally, Standard life wanted to provide its mobile workforce with a single toolbox of applications, available on every BlackBerry smartphone, to increase productivity and collaboration while decreasing the costs associated with multiple electronic devices.

Billy Campbell, Desktop Services Manager, says, “We're adding value to smartphones that we own. By putting more on one smartphone, we're getting more out of the smartphone for the same cost.”

The Solution

Standard Life met all of its mobility goals by using a combination of the BlackBerry solution and IBM hardware and IBM Lotus software, internal development, and Alliance Partner solutions. To provide encrypted email for its BlackBerry smartphone fleet Standard Life used in-house Domino development know-how to create a self-service tool that allows individual users to set up encrypted email for themselves. The company used Lotusscript to allow key data collected in an IBM Lotus Notes Database to be pushed to smartphones, and modified its IBM Lotus Notes TeamRoom template to be accessible on the BlackBerry® Browser.

To create its mobile workforce toolbox, Standard Life employed software from several Alliance Partners, including, Impatica, Bloomberg and GPXS.

By putting more on one device we're getting more out of the device for the same cost.            

The Results

As a result of Standard Life's efforts, employees at all levels of the organization have increased productivity and gained easier access to data and collaboration tools while in the field. By leveraging third-party software to turn employees' BlackBerry smartphones into “pocket laptops,” Standard Life reduced the need for actual laptops for mobile employees, resulting in considerable savings. Third-party applications also reduced employee reliance on text messages, further decreasing costs and improving data security.

What's next?

The IT team at Standard Life are conscious that their colleagues constantly strive to fulfill business objectives, as a result, the team are developing a mobility strategy in line with this. Moving forward, the company plans to use enterprise social networking and real-time collaboration applications to allow greater communication among employees. It's also continuing to develop in-house applications for use with the BlackBerry Browser, all while expanding the number of third-party applications available to users.

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