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It’s Time for your New Year’s Business Resolution

It’s Time for your New Year’s Business Resolution

If you’re an executive looking to kick off 2010 with an eye to improve your time management, BlackBerry App World™ has the tools you need.

The start of a new year can often be the best time to tackle some better business habits, and BlackBerry® smartphones are at heart a tool to keep you up to date with the information you need while staying connected to business associates (and to keep you entertained with an occasional puzzle, song or game!), but sometimes the most important aspect of a BlackBerry smartphone is it can also help you manage your time appropriately.

“Everyone is so overwhelmed with the amount of work that we have to accomplish in the day, that a tool on time management, it’s almost more important than weight loss, it’s sanity! I keep thinking that my life is going to slow down and it’s not,” said Amy Chorew, director of learning for SMMI, Social Media Marketing Institute, an organization that helps businesses teach management and sales people to use social media ethically and responsibly, and an admittedly avid BlackBerry user. “My main resolution would be to find a tool that will help me manage what I need to be doing for my business, and get a system so I’m not totally overwhelmed all the time. Whether you’re a personal user or a business user, that would be my number one resolution.”

BlackBerry App World

For business users like Chorew who are looking to manage their time, to stay in contact with coworkers, better serve customers, manage their expenses or just keep their information more secure, BlackBerry App World has numerous apps to take advantage of.

Your Precious Time

- If you need to keep track of your time or billable hours worked on a project, you might want ReportAway - Simple Time and Expense Reporting by Acire Systems Inc. for $8.99 US, or miTimesheet by loopSpin Inc. for $2.99 US. Both apps let you easily track hours worked on a project, for multiple clients and then presents you with reports for distribution.

- If you’re always running late, check out BugMe! - Notes and Alarms by Electric Pocket Ltd, to take notes and create reminders as you go, for $4.99 US.

- If you want to boost your productivity by figuring out where your time goes, try BlackTrack Productivity Log, by Aczen Innovations Inc.. This free app automatically tracks your phone and email activity and provides you daily or weekly reports without interrupting your daily routine.

- And if your time really does seem like money, the new Meeting Cost Calculator by Funkzilla Mobile may work for you. This free app is intended for time conscious executives and estimates the actual monetary cost of a meeting on their schedule.

Staying in Contact

- If you’ve got employees and teammates spread across the country or world, but need to keep in-touch with them no matter where they are, check out Upvise by Unyverse Pte Ltd, or DaToMo by TrueContext Corportion. Both are free apps for collecting and sharing information on projects, tasks and sales to multiple BlackBerry smartphones.

Customer Relationship Management

- If getting your customer what they need as soon as possible is essential for your business, try using the free SprinxCRM by Sprinx Systems, LLC app to track customer details and improve sales.

- For specific CRM applications, Mobile Edge Express for SugarCRM and Mobile Edge Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM by iEnterprises, Inc., are both available as free apps, while SkyMobile for SAP by Sky Technologies is also available free.

New Year, New BlackBerry?

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