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Push Secure, Media-Rich Communications to Your Employees with Chalk Pushcast Software

Also: Track who has completed reviewing the materials

Let's say your business has a new training module that you want all employees to complete. Do you (a) Send a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation via email, (b) Create a webpage, (c) Push the module to employees' BlackBerry® smartphones using Chalk™ Pushcast™ Software? The answer for many businesses is increasingly (c). Find out how this distribution tool can help your organization.

Push Secure, Media-Rich Communications to Your Employees with Chalk Pushcast Software

How does it work?

Chalk Pushcast Software for BlackBerry smartphones lets you distribute media-rich content to your employees via their BlackBerry smartphones. Here is how it works in a nutshell:

  1. Start by creating users and groups using the Chalk™ Pushcast™ Console, which can synchronize users with the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server.
  2. Create dynamic mobile content using the Chalk™ Pushcast™ Plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. Include text, images, audio, video, hyper-links, tests, and surveys.
  3. Push the content to users and groups you specify either immediately, or schedule for a later date and time. Users then view the content either on their BlackBerry smartphones or on their desktop computers. Since content is pushed to the BlackBerry smartphone in full, it can be viewed when offline (on an airplane, for example).
  4. Tracking and reporting lets you monitor who has not yet started, who is partly done, and who has completed the content, as well as results from any included tests and surveys.

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What are the primary uses?

  • Required training and compliance courseware
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Policy and regulation updates and acknowledgements
  • Client and partner communications
  • Pushing breaking news and critical information

What are the potential benefits?

  • Reduce training costs
  • Increase training completion rates
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Improve performance with just-in-time information
  • Engage and align field-based employees

Two use cases illustrate the benefits

1. Sales pitch. Let's say your East Coast sales team is pitching an important prospect. The team is spread throughout the region. To get everyone the information they need for the pitch, and to guarantee they read it, you create a detailed sales report using Chalk Pushcast Software with:

  • Insight into the client, its competitors, your strategy, products, pricing, terms, etc.
  • Tests to verify understanding of key points
  • Require the team to read the report and then track to make sure they do
  • Click-to-call or email links so the team can ask questions for more information
  • Any breaking news pushed out in near real time
  • Follow up with individuals who score poorly on tests
  • Supporting information sent to reinforce weaker areas of knowledge

2. Employee handbook update. For legal reasons your HR department wants all employees to read, understand, and acknowledge the new employee handbook. Create a media-rich handbook with text, voiceovers, and video. Add tests to reinforce comprehension (and to track compliance). Include a survey to poll employee opinions about company-wide issues, such as the new health plan. Make the handbook available via employees' BlackBerry smartphones or on their desktop computers.

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