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We've collected responses to some of your most frequently asked questions below. Here you'll find out what to do if you get a "desktop email program is unable to store message" error, how to reset your Folder Redirection settings, and how to synchronize both business and personal addresses. If any of these items sound familiar, read on:

Q: Desktop email program unable to store message
Q: Unable to change Folder Redirection settings from BlackBerry Manager
Q: Have both business and personal addresses on handheld

Question: An "X" appears beside an email message sent from the BlackBerry smartphone, with a status of "Desktop email program unable to store message" – how can I fix this?

Answer: There are several possible causes for this message, including a network failure between the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and the Microsoft® Exchange Server, the possibility that your mailbox has been modified or moved, or that your mailbox has reached its storage limit, or that your Desktop Redirector could not redirect the email message or that the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address is specified incorrectly in the BlackBerry® Desktop Redirector settings. To figure out which of these issues might be causing the problem and for steps on how to fix each of them, click here.

Question: How do I change my Folder Redirection settings from the BlackBerry Manager and have those changes reflected in the Folder Redirection settings on my BlackBerry smartphone?

Answer: Your BlackBerry Enterprise Server appears not to be correctly updating the Folder Redirection settings within the BlackBerry smartphone user's state database. This is a previously reported issue that is currently in the process of being fixed by our development team. Please revisit our support centre periodically to update yourself on the status of this fix.

In the meantime we have devised a workaround to this issue – to read more details click here

Question: How can I have both business and personal addresses appear in my handheld address book?

Answer: In order to make this change, you need to configure Intellisync, then rename the "User Defined field" on the handheld. Click here for steps to walk you through this process.

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