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Tips and Tricks

Using Your Device

Searching in Messages
  • From your Messages screen you can quickly “Search Subject” or “Search Sender/Recipient” to see all messages in a thread or all messages from or to a specific person.
  • There are also 7 pre-canned searches as follows:
    • ALT + I = shows all Incoming Messages (email/PIN/SMS/etc…)
    • ALT + O = shows all Outgoing Messages (email/PIN/SMS/etc…)
    • ALT + P = shows all Phone Call Logs (incoming/outgoing/missed) – not on BlackBerry 7100 Series
    • ALT + S = shows all SMS Messages
    • ALT + M = shows all MMS Messages
    • ALT + V = shows all Voicemail Messages
    • ALT + D = shows all Draft Messages
    • ALT + D = Direct Connect Call Logs (for BlackBerry® 7100i Series, BlackBerry® 7520 Series, etc…)

To narrow down your search to only your inbox, you can also “Hide Filed Messages” and “Hide Sent Messages.”




Did you know you can access Help from both the Home screen and within applications?

For general Help, access the Help icon on the home screen. You can get tips on shortcuts, review frequently asked questions and learn more about the features of your device.

For context-sensitive Help, select the Help menu within an application. You will find a more detailed list of help topics to choose from to use that specific application.

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