January 2011
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How to kick start the New Year.

10 apps to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions.

Looking forward to making a fresh start in the New Year? Hoping to get rid of a few bad habits and develop more good ones? To help you maintain your motivation and stay on track so you can make most of the coming year, we've made a list of our favorite apps from BlackBerry App World™. Download your faves to your BlackBerry® smartphone and get connected to a happier you.

Resolution #1: Lose Weight

Calories Burned Calculator

Need to drop a few pounds for the sake of your health? Use the Calories Burned Calculator to find out how many calories you burn during certain physical activities. It's the ultimate tool to help you plan your daily workout. > More

$2.99 US

Resolution #2: Get a Better Job

Get Linked

Get Linked for BlackBerry smartphones lets you stay on top of your business life. Search for people on LinkedIn, view their profiles, contact them, update your status, post your resume and achievements, and more. With Get Linked you'll be at the center of an ever-expanding network of opportunities. > More


Resolution #3: Relax More

Relax with Andrew Johnson

The pace of life and change can be overwhelming, yet relaxation is vital to your well being and health. The Relax with Andrew Johnson app for your BlackBerry smartphone teaches relaxation techniques that can help you unwind, de-stress and slow down. > More

$2.99 US

Resolution #4: Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Tracker

Stopping smoking is a really tough thing to do. By tracking the hours since you've quit, the number of cigarettes and chemicals you've avoided, the amount of money you've saved, and how long you've extended your life, the Quit Smoking Tracker may make kicking the habit easier to do. > More

$1.99 US

Resolution #5: Stick to a Budget

Personal Budget Manager

Personal Budget Manager is a very convenient, easy and smart app you can download to your BlackBerry smartphone to help you keep track of all your home budget expenses. Record your expenses, track your spending and stay on top of where all the money goes. > More

$3.99 US

Resolution #6: Get Fit


Make your device your personal trainer, or training partner. Track your running, cycling, hiking, kayaking, skiing, or whatever you love to do! You can even get audio feedback while working out. Do it all and track it with Endomondo.
> More


Resolution #7: Learn Something New


It's the only free dictionary app for BlackBerry smartphones. It is Dictionary.com. Look up more than 500,000 words, definitions, and synonyms. You even get phonetic and audio pronunciations, spelling suggestions and even a Word of the Day for a little extra touch. > More


Resolution #8: Drink More Water

Water Consumption Tracker

Drinking a healthy amount of water each day is essential to your health. It can also help you lose weight, improve your productivity and relieve fatigue, among other things. Simply click on a virtual glass whenever you quench your thirst for water and at the end of the day you'll know exactly how much you've had to drink. > More

$3.99 US

Resolution #9: Be More Charitable

Find a Cure (Pink Ribbon) Theme

Show your support for anyone that is battling (or those who have fought and won) against breast cancer with this elegant black and pink Find a Cure Theme for your BlackBerry smartphone. > More

$4.99 US

Resolution #10: Get Organized

Expense Log Pro

Expense Log is an easy-to-use app that will help you to capture your business-related expenses on your BlackBerry smartphone – anytime and anywhere! It organizes expenses into categories and account types, automatically converts currencies, calculates mileage claim amounts, and more!
> More

FREE Trial | $9.99 US a year


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