BlackBerry Travel gives you the world

New all-in-one mobile travel service Super App does it all

It doesn't matter whether you're a leisure traveler or a road warrior who's flown hundreds of thousands of miles. With BlackBerry® Travel™ – the all-in-one mobile travel service Super App – you'll be able to search, plan, book, manage and share your travel arrangements – all from one app.

Manage your itinerary automatically. Search for last-minute flights. Book a hotel. Read restaurant reviews. Receive flight alerts. Find the best coffee shop in town. Click through to maps. Quickly convert currency. Check the local weather. Connect with Linkedin contacts who are nearby.

With BlackBerry Travel – a true Super App – you can do all this and more, all on your BlackBerry® smartphone. Think of it as your own personal mobile travel assistant that's right there at your side, every step of the way.

Automatic Trip Scanning

When a travel confirmation email lands in your inbox, BlackBerry Travel is designed to automatically pull out the relevant details to compile your entire itinerary, so you have all of your travel details – all in one place. Have multiple flights and hotels on a single trip? No problem. BlackBerry Travel combines even the most complex itineraries from multiple bookings.

Notifications & Alerts

Flight cancelled or delayed? No problem. With the BlackBerry Travel apps capabilities you'll receive push-based notifications and alerts for itinerary updates, flight reminder/alerts and connections information as soon as they happen, so you'll always be up to speed. Search for flights and flight schedules to and from any airport quickly and easily. BlackBerry Travel even takes your current location into account and searches based on departure and arrival airports.

Flight Search

Search for flights and flight schedules to and from any airport in the world quickly and easily. BlackBerry Travel even takes your current location into account and searches based on departure and arrival airports.

Hotel Search & Book

Find great hotel options without having to browse different sources. Simply search for hotels in the area you'd like to stay, and then book the one that suits your needs and budget. Hotels are ranked according to location, price and quality. You'll also receive recommendations, based on your previous travel.

Local Search

Need local information? With BlackBerry Travel you can search for information on dining, shopping, nightlife and more and get the answers you want almost instantly, including map view, click-to-call and click-for-reviews.

Share your travel plans

Update your Linkedin status, search for people in your network who'll be there at the same time, or share your itinerary with specific contacts via email so they're aware of your plans. This super easy Super App makes it easy to build relationships with those in your social network.

Itinerary Management

Everything you need, all in one place. With BlackBerry Travel you'll be able to view, create and edit all your itineraries including flights, hotels and more.

Cool Tools

BlackBerry Travel gives you instant access to currency converters, weather, flight status updates, mapping, and location-based search.

Easy access

You can access BlackBerry Travel anywhere, anytime, anyway you like. View it on your BlackBerry smartphone or use the web interface on your laptop or desktop. It's so simple, engaging and relevant you'll wonder how you ever lived – or traveled – without it.

Wish there was an easier way to travel? Say goodbye to bulky file folders, missed flight alerts and feeling lost when you travel. With the BlackBerry Travel – a true Super App – you'll enjoy the easiest, most effortless travel planning and management experience – anywhere life takes you. Best of all, it's free!

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Requires BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 or higher

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