Explore the world around you with foursquare

Helps you discover new places, new things and new people.

Wish you were more aware of all the incredible things – and people – around you? With the foursquare Super App –– you can find happiness just around the corner.

Not only is foursquare – the biggest social network outside of Facebook® and Twitter® – a great way to connect with nearby friends and share your experiences across various social networks, it also has fun game mechanics. You can earn points and unlock badges for discovering new things and exploring your community. Best of all, because it's a Super App it does all the work for you and seamlessly integrates with other BlackBerry® smartphone apps you use everyday, providing you with alerts based on your location, pushing you notifications as soon as they're available and sharing your location with your friends.

Step One:

Download the FREE foursquare application to your BlackBerry smartphone. You can easily find friends already using foursquare, by linking your address book, as well as your Facebook and Twitter accounts. See if they're around by looking at where they've recently checked in. You'll know in a flash if there's someone close you want to connect with.

Step Two:

Tell your friends where you are by checking in at one of the millions of places listed on foursquare, automatically based on your GPS* location. You don't have to enter your location or search through a long list of places. Being a Super App, foursquare uses contextual data to help you check in quickly by only showing locations you are near. Leave tips on the best dishes to try and the most interesting sites you've found around town and don't skip on the details. Insider information is one of foursquare's best features. For example, “the best chili dog in the world if you ignore the cheesy piped-in elevator music”, is more useful than “the food is good”. If the place you're currently at isn't listed, you can easily add it to foursquare to share with friends.

Step Three:

Check out tips from your friends and the millions of other users. Find recommendations on your specific location or suggestions on things to do – or avoid – nearby. It's like having your own personal travel/restaurant/theatre/etc. critic always at your side.

Step Four:

Unlock badges and earn points based on where, when and how often you check in. See how many you can rack up in any given month (your loyalty may earn you discounts at certain places) and check out your stats at The rules for earning badges are kept intentionally vague to make unlocking them even more fun.

Step Five:

Check in at a location more than anyone else and become the “Mayor”, which may entitle you to rewards, in the form of discounts, from some businesses – just for being a loyal customer. Even if you're not the Mayor, look out for other specials offered to foursquare users – your bonus for being a "frequent buyer/visitor".

Step Six:

Use foursquare wherever you go to stay connected to those who matter in your social network. You never know what – or who – you might discover is close by, with this extraordinary Super App on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Download now * Not all devices have GPS capabilities. Users may incur data costs to use GPS satellites.


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