Super Apps – the best experience ever

Super Apps allow you to share and discover – whenever and wherever

A Super App experience on your BlackBerry® smartphone is like no other – connecting you to the relevant, real-time information you need, when you need it, without having to request it – through seamless integration with other BlackBerry applications you use every day like email, calendar, address book, and BlackBerry® Maps.

How can you tell which apps are Super Apps?

There are thousands of apps out there, but one thing that all Super Apps have in common is that they make your day more enjoyable and easier. Quite simply, they are best-in-class; the apps you simply can't live without. Two outstanding examples of Super Apps that leverage the incredible capabilities of the BlackBerry platform are the new BlackBerry® Travel™ app and the popular foursquare – which are both discussed in detail in this issue of BlackBerry Connection.

What makes a Super App super?

Super Apps enable you to use your smartphone to its fullest extent – doing the work for you, instead of the other way around – giving you the freedom to interact with an app in a way you couldn't before. Super Apps ensure that information is ready whenever and wherever you need it, giving you an integrated, personalized experience that's simple, engaging and relevant to you.

The six main characteristics that elevate an app from ordinary to extraordinary and earn it Super App status are:

1. Always-on user experience

Super Apps run quietly in the background on your BlackBerry smartphone, waiting and listening for specific things, ensuring that content is ready for you before you need it. Whether they run on device startup or while the you're working with another application, Super Apps are masters at multitasking – anticipating your needs and waiting to spring into action, triggering notifications when new content arrives, and sharing data with other apps.

2. Highly personalized and contextualized

They anticipate your needs, providing you with information based on your actual location or activity. Super Apps can use GPS data, your call log, calendar appointments, and more to sense and deliver the information you need.

3. Tightly integrated with core BlackBerry applications

Every Super App works seamlessly with other applications on your BlackBerry device, giving you a more intuitive, natural experience. There's also a lower learning curve with Super Apps because they're integrated with apps you already know and use.

4. Social and connected

They make it easy for you to connect and build relationships with those in your social network by allowing you to capture and share your experiences, photos, videos and moments that matter – as they happen.

5. Proactive and notification-driven

Super Apps are push driven, “pushing” new content/information to you as soon as it's available – without you having to request it – delivering "just-in-time" data that can result in audible notifications, customized messages in your inbox, local databases being updated, and more.

6. Designed for efficiency

They respect your BlackBerry smartphone's battery life, processor power, memory and network and use these resources as effectively as possible.

The bottom line?

What make Super Apps so super is they're the type of apps you fall in love with. The apps you simply can't live without. The apps you want to use each and every day because they're simple, engaging and relevant.

To learn more about all the amazing Super Apps and what they can do, check out the articles on the BlackBerry Travel app and foursquare Super Apps in this issue of BlackBerry Connection.


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