Extend the power of your BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry Bridge

On its own, the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet is professional-grade. Add your BlackBerry® smartphone to the equation and, as a pair, the best gets even better.

When you're using your tablet, you'll be able to access data on your BlackBerry smartphone too – quickly, conveniently and securely – thanks to BlackBerry® Bridge™.


BlackBerry Bridge enables you to connect or “bridge” your BlackBerry tablet to your BlackBerry smartphone wirelessly using Bluetooth.1 This gives you instant, large screen access to many of the most used and most-loved features that live on your device. Manage your email inbox, calendar, contacts, memo pad and task list – all right in front of you on the large, high resolution touch screen.


Connecting the BlackBerry PlayBook to a BlackBerry smartphone is easy. The one-time set up is fast and when it’s complete the connection is automatically restored every time the two devices come into range.


What's unique about BlackBerry Bridge technology is that? You're not actually synching data between the two devices. All your data is safely stored on the smartphone and accessed securely by the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, so you don't have to worry about data being duplicated or out of sync. BlackBerry Bridge technology allows you to tap in to the power of your BlackBerry smartphone using the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's large, high resolution display.

Buy Now Once you've paired the two devices the first time you never have to do it again. BlackBerry PlayBook

1Pairing with a BlackBerry® smartphone using Bluetooth® technology requires a device running BlackBerry® Device Software version 5.0 or later and the BlackBerry® Bridge™ application. Using a smartphone as a Bluetooth IP modem requires a data-enabled smartphone that supports the Bluetooth® DUN protocol. Please check with your wireless service provider for availability, costs and restrictions.



Do you have questions about your BlackBerry smartphone? Are you looking for support on software or accessories? The BlackBerry Support Community Forums are a great place for you to get help – and a place for you to connect with BlackBerry experts.



BlackBerry Bridge video

Check out the preview video of the BlackBerry PlayBook above!