With Mother's Day just around the corner (Sunday, May 8th), now's the time to start thinking about ways to show Mom how much she means to you.

If your Mom is a BlackBerry® smartphone user, there's an almost endless array of useful things you could give her – many of them free – that will make her day easier and more enjoyable.

And if you're a Mom who's reading this? Whether you're rushing off to work or a baseball practice, with everything from phone and text messaging to web browsing and GPS, you're probably already using your BlackBerry smartphone to help you do all of the things you need to do, plus more of the things you'd like to do. That said, if you see something on this list you'd like, why not get it for yourself or ask one of the kids for it? Odds are, you deserve it.

Private tutoring

If your Mom is busy like most, she may not have had time to experience all of the features her BlackBerry offers. So why not give her the gift of time and show her? Even though most of the features are intuitive, from keeping track of the family schedules in the calendar to using BlackBerry® Messenger to stay in touch, a little instruction might be appreciated. If she doesn’t live close by, your Mom can get quick answers to BlackBerry questions here.

BBM™ Groups makes it easy to keep the family organized

Group hug

Introducing your Mom to BlackBerry® Groups on BBM™ will make it easier to keep the family organized. From planning family dinners that work with everyone's schedule to assigning household chores to sharing photos with extended family members, BlackBerry Groups will help Mom keep things on track and bring the family closer together. If your Mom doesn’t have BBM 5.0 she can learn more about it and how to upgrade here.

Stylish accessories

If your Mom is a bit of a Fashionista, there's no better place to shop for a special Mother's Day gift than It's the store that offers a full range of stylish accessories for her BlackBerry smartphone, like cases, skins and screen protectors, car kits, headsets, chargers, and more.

Being a Mom is a tough job. Show her how much you appreciate all she’s done for you.

Driven by love

That last thing you'd ever want is for your Mom is to get distracted by incoming text or email messages when she's driving. To help ensure that Mom's eyes stay on the road and hands stay on the wheel, the free* Drive app will read her text messages out loud to her automatically or on-demand.


Say it with flowers

The 1-800-Flowers Super App for BlackBerry lets you order flowers and gifts for special occasions like Mother's Day and then faster than a phone call, your best wishes will be on their way. You can set it to routinely check your BlackBerry calendar for special occasions and to send alerts reminding you to order, so you never forget an important day (again). It also integrates with your address book, so being spontaneous remains, well, spontaneous. Best of all, there are special offers available exclusively to BlackBerry users.

Looking for the ultimate way to say 'Thanks, Mom'? You could always treat her to the amazing new BlackBerry PlayBook or one of the latest BlackBerry smartphones. No matter what you decide, if you won't be seeing your Mom in person on Mother's Day DON'T FORGET that you have a BlackBerry smartphone.

*Data charges may apply. Check with your service provider for details.



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