If you’re not already familiar with the benefits of BlackBerry® Protect™, this article's for you. A great free app, BlackBerry Protect is specifically designed to help you find your lost BlackBerry® smartphone and most importantly, keep your information secure at all times. It's a confidence booster. It's a lifesaver.

Keep your information secure at all times

Increase Your Chances.

Let's just say something happens, and you lose your BlackBerry smartphone. With BlackBerry Protect, there’s hope. In fact, with it, there are 4 things you can and should do right away.

  • Log on to the BlackBerry Protect website to add a password or remotely lock your device. This prevents people searching through your phone.
  • Post a message to your home-screen. That way, if anyone comes across your lost smartphone, all the information, which they need to contact you in order to return it, is all right there.
  • Locate your device using GPS. Using the latest in GPS technology, you’re literally able to pin-point the location of your missing smartphone on a map – even if it’s moving.
  • If you think your smartphone's somewhere nearby, force it to ring at full volume*.

Still no luck?

If you've given up all hope of recovering your smartphone, as a last resort, you can always remotely wipe the data from the BlackBerry Protect website - deleting all the information on both your smartphone and microSD card.

Automatic Backups and Restore.

Another great feature of BlackBerry Protect is automatic backups. Whether you choose to backup daily, weekly or monthly, all your contacts, text messages, calendar and bookmarks are stored safely online. So should you ever need to restore this data, or migrate to a new device, everything from your last backup is there.

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* Device must be turned on in order to ring.