our most invaluable piece of electronics is right in your hand. A treat for your senses, your BlackBerry® smartphone entertains, captures and highlights your life like none other. Here are 5 ways to use and enjoy your BlackBerry smartphone to the max.

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Check out a video about how to take pictures on your smartphone.

Check out a video about how to take pictures on
your smartphone.



Do you have questions about your BlackBerry smartphone? Are you looking for support on software or accessories? The BlackBerry Support Community Forums are a great place for you to get help – and a place for you to connect with BlackBerry experts.

  • Get the Full Picture Picture perfect moments come and go quickly. Keep your BlackBerry smartphone close at hand and capture moments as soon as they happen. Easily snap pictures of a hilarious moment and share over BBM™, email or social networks.1 Be your own paparazzi.
  • Shoot & Share You and your friends can't always attend events together. When the hottest band is in town and you're the lucky one who landed tickets, bring your BlackBerry smartphone and film the best song of the night. Send to friends via BBM or email. Even post it to YouTube® or Facebook® for the world to enjoy.1
  • Stream Away Don't want to skip a beat? Turn a long ride home from a holiday into a relaxing experience. The weekend's been full of sun, fun and friends, so kick back with your favourite film and stream it right on your BlackBerry smartphone using apps like Bitbop™ from the BlackBerry App World™ storefront.
  • Play it Loud When hanging out with friends, bring your BlackBerry smartphone equipped with tunes. You'll be the hero who creates the soundtrack for the evening. Then later, when you're listening solo, the songs will bring you back to the fun times and great company.
  • Get Free Podcasts The cottage is a place to unwind and relax. But everyone likes to keep up to date with the current news, sports results, and celebrity gossip from time to time. Rest easy knowing you're getting the latest dose of sports banter and much more through BlackBerry Podcasts.2