ou’ve seen them. The little square black-and-white barcodes scattered around street posters, websites, and friends’ BlackBerry® smartphones. If you haven’t taken advantage of them yet, read on to learn what you’ve been missing.

Technically, it’s a square black-and-white web link in picture format – just a simple scan and you’re there. In reality, it’s a virtual portal that takes you to the hottest music, greatest deals and exclusive info.

If you don’t already have it, download the BlackBerry App World™ app and use it to scan the code above.1 It’ll give you a hint of what’s out there.

Download BlackBerry App World(2)




Check out a video about how to add someone to BBM using their PIN Barcode.

Check out a video about how to add someone to
BBM using their PIN Barcode.



Do you have questions about your BlackBerry smartphone? Are you looking for support on software or accessories? The BlackBerry Support Community Forums are a great place for you to get help – and a place for you to connect with BlackBerry experts.

  • They’re social. All BlackBerry users have a personal QR code. Use it to add friends to BBM™ by choosing Invite a Contact and then Invite by scanning a PIN Barcode. Or you can display yours for friends to scan by pressing the Menu key, clicking View My Profile, and selecting Show beside “PIN Barcode”.

  • They’re flooding the streets. Next time you’re out and see a QR code, scan it to reveal a surprise. Use BlackBerry App World or a free QR code scanner app like QR Code Scanner Pro – FREE2 Often generous and never dull, these little QR codes always have something interesting to say.

  • They’re online. When you’re browsing BlackBerry App World storefront, scan the QR code of the app you want to start the download. Also find them on sites across
    the web.

A QR code is your portal to a huge range of incredible offers and freebies. By scanning the code with your BlackBerry smartphone, you’re saying ‘yes’ to exclusive information, discounts and savings, and so much more.