ove it? Share it. New BBM™1 is here and with it comes a whole new app experience. With the new BBM you can invite friends to download a BBM–connected game, play the game and chat about who’s winning – all without ever leaving the app. But, BBM is about more that just games. It’s sharing and discovering great new videos, music, books and more.

Interested? Intrigued? Dive a little deeper and uncover the best of the new BBM and how it works with popular BBM–connected apps: Poynt, ScoreMobile and Backgammon King.




Watch this video to see all the ways apps are going social on new BBM.

Watch this video to see all the ways apps are
going social on new BBM.



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  • Share the app. Share the experience – invite your BBM friends to download, then experience your favorite BBM–connected apps.
    Here’s an example:


    Lets you quickly find businesses, people, restaurants, movies, events and weather info wherever you are.

    How it works with the new BBM:
    Going out for dinner with friends? Use Poynt to find a great spot, then share it with your BBM contacts without leaving the Poynt app. If your friends don't have the app, no problem. BBM will invite them to download it. Voila! Instant night out.

  • In–App Chat – chat with your BBM friends without ever leaving the BBM–connected app you're in. Here's how:


    Gives you up–to–the–minute sports scores, players’ stats, game reviews, recaps, league standings and more.

    How it works with the new BBM:
    Checking out the score to last night’s game? Invite your BBM buddy to talk about the game, the team and the players. All you do is click ‘Share’ and select ‘Start Chat via BBM’. It’s that easy.

  • Social Gaming & BBM Profile Feed – compete against your BBM friends then post the outcome to your BBM status. Check it out:

    Backgammon King

    Backgammon King
    One of Magmic's top games but let's face it, it's not as much fun playing by yourself.

    How it works with the new BBM:
    Want to play against a friend or two? Challenge your BBM friends to a game. If they don’t have the app, send an invite to download it. Then get your game on wherever you are. If you win, BBM profile feed gives you bragging rights – post the victory directly to your BBM status.

GET BBM NOW: Update your smartphone with the new BBM and see how apps are going social.