Here come the deadlines, exams and all–nighters… as well as the parties, friendships and hopefully some real learning. As back to school fast approaches, BlackBerry® smartphones are a must–have item on any student’s shopping list.

Preloaded with great apps for students, your BlackBerry smartphone works both in class and virtually anywhere else you may be studying. Research on the go with the new, fast and improved BlackBerry® Browser. And, use Calendar to set up reminders to help you never miss an assignment.

Plus, don’t forget about BBM™. With all the features you need to share files, photos, URLs and party locations – it gets top marks for staying connected to classmates, family
and friends.

But, student life isn’t all work and no play. From managing your courses to managing your budget, here’s a list of some favorite student apps:




Check out this video for tips and tricks on how to use your Calendar.

Check out this video for tips and tricks on how to
use your Calendar.



Do you have questions about your BlackBerry smartphone? Are you looking for support on software or accessories? The BlackBerry Support Community Forums are a great place for you to get help – and a place for you to connect with BlackBerry experts.



  • Are you studying hard? Or hardly studying? Whichever category you fall into, everyone can use some help.
  • Dropbox

    Phone meet computer. Now you can connect your computer and mobile devices together and access your files virtually anywhere you go.

  • Mark Calculator

    Mark Calculator
    “Gimme an A. Or is it a B?” Mark Calculator helps you keep track of all your marks and figure out the mark you need on your next exam. (Available for PlayBook only)



  • Stop calling it socializing and start calling it networking and miraculously it becomes important to your future. Whatever you call it, here are the pioneers.
  • Facebook

    Nothing has taken off as fast as Facebook® since sliced bread. If you don't have Facebook on your smartphone, you've probably been living under a rock.

  • Foursquare

    Here I am! You can shout it from the rooftop or better yet, tell your friends with Foursquare. Share pictures, get freebies, and meet up with friends wherever you are.

  • LinkedIn

    Networking may not seem important now but at some point you will have to get a job. If you're not on LinkedIn yet, get connected now.



  • From managing the little money you do have, to bribing your roommate to get the groceries, surviving your new independence is mostly learning as you go. Here are a few apps to help you along:
  • Pageonce – Money and Bills

    Pageonce – Money and Bills
    Track all your finances in one place. Pageonce Money and Bills lets you monitor your credit cards, view your bills and more.

  • OurGroceries Shopping List

    OurGroceries Shopping List
    Never be out of milk again. OurGroceries keeps the household grocery list up to date with the latest changes on everyone's mobile phone.

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