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Rock On...BlackBerry Style!

Rock On...BlackBerry Style!

The best BlackBerry music accessories and apps

Pull out your BlackBerry® smartphone and take a look. Did you know you are holding a powerful music jukebox? One that can jam out hundreds of tunes and connect to your stereo without wires? This little gem lets you be the DJ at a party or score front-row seats to your favorite band. The world of music is right in your hands and we have the accessories and apps to prove it.

Rock On...BlackBerry Style!

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Slacker Radio

1. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is like your own free radio station streamed to your BlackBerry smartphone and programmed by DJs who know your tastes better than you do. Rock, hip-hop, pop, top 40, comedy, classic rock—more than 100 stations are here for the listening. Or create your own custom station right from your BlackBerry smartphone.

FREE; upgrade available

Slacker Radio in the US »
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BlackBerry® Music Gateway

Editor's Pick

2. BlackBerry® Music Gateway

Rock without wires when you connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your home or car stereo system. With wireless remote-control operation you can play or stream music, adjust your volume settings, and even take incoming phone calls.

$89.99 US

Cut the wires »

7digital Music Store

3. 7digital Music Store

Browse the latest charts, preview the hottest tracks, and download high-quality, DRM-free MP3 music directly to your BlackBerry smartphone. (Note: A micro-SD™ card is required to use this app.)

FREE to download the app; song download prices vary

Get the latest chart toppers »

Ticketmaster® for BlackBerry smartphones app

4. Ticketmaster® for BlackBerry smartphones app

Score tickets to your favorite concerts with the Ticketmaster for BlackBerry smartphones app. As the official smartphone of Ticketmaster, your BlackBerry smartphone can be your connection to advanced or reserved tickets and special events. Search schedules, check venue information and seating charts, and purchase tickets while you are on the go.


Score me some front row seats »

5. BlackBerry® Multimedia Headset

Control all your multimedia while you’re on the go with the BlackBerry Multimedia Headset. Enjoy convenient one-touch control for song selection, pausing, and volume adjustments with easy phone access should you need to take a call.

$89.99 US

Hear what you love »

6. BlueAnt M1 Portable Stereo Speaker

Headphones are great if you are solo, but to blow out the room choose the BlueAnt M1 Portable Stereo Speaker. Crystal clear high-quality audio pumped out by 28 Watts RMS will get the whole room jumping. The Bluetooth® wireless connection, internal subwoofer, and rechargeable battery lets you play your tunes virtually anywhere for up to 10 hours.

$149.99 US

Get your portable rock out »

7. SanDisk micro-SD™ Card, 8GB

Stuff your BlackBerry smartphone with hundreds of tracks from your favorite artists. Tip: 8GB is plenty roomy for all but the most avid music fan.

$59.99 US

Stuff me full of tunes »

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