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You Could Own a Celebrity's BlackBerry Smartphone

Charity auction celebrates eBay app for BlackBerry smartphones

The free eBay® app for BlackBerry smartphones is now officially available in BlackBerry App World™. To celebrate, join our charity auction using the new app and start the bidding! Just a few of the items up for bid are to attend the exclusive Evening Before Emmy party, an autographed BlackBerry® smartphone from actor Julie Benz (Dexter, Desperate Housewives), a personal tour of DreamWorks Animation Studio (Shrek, Prince of Persia), and more! Proceeds will benefit the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF).

The auction is open now until August 6 at 4pm Pacific time. Download the eBay app for BlackBerry smartphones and start bidding!

New features added to the eBay app for BlackBerry smartphones

  • View all scheduled items for sale, active items, and all sold and unsold items
  • Ability to relist items for sale when current auction ends with no sale
  • As a buyer, ask the seller a question from within the listing
  • As a seller, reply to the buyer’s question
  • New regions: Australia, France, German, Italy, Spain, UK

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Here are some of the exciting experiences and items up for bid:

  • Emmy Experience: Attend the 2010 Evening Before Emmy Celebration hosted by Jeffrey Katzenberg, and the Celebrity Host Committee including: Christina Applegate, Alec Baldwin, Ellen DeGeneres, Patrick Dempsey, Tina Fey, Sally Field, Mariska Hargitay, Neil Patrick Harris, John Krasinski, Amy Poehler & Will Arnett, Ellen Pompeo, Ryan Seacrest, Jon Stewart, Mark Wahlberg, Jon Hamm, Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks and many more. Plus attend a pre-cocktail reception for top 100 guests; followed by a pre-Emmy celebration in Los Angeles, California for 600 invited guests representing a who's who of Hollywood television community - event takes place under the stars in a relaxed and fun environment where there will be ample opportunity to meet and greet your favorite television stars. Event date is August 28th.
  • A Day in the Life of a BlackBerry with Julie Benz on the set of her new series, or BlackBerry smartphone that spent the day with Glee Music Director Adam Anders, who will include a video taken in his studio and a playlist.
  • Front Row seats at Sept 25th Sheryl Crow concert plus 2 night stay at the MGM Grand @ Foxwoods Resort VIP experience
  • Day on the set of Criminal Minds
  • Tour of DreamWorks Animation Studios

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Julie Benz

6 Questions with Actress Julie Benz

Actress Julie Benz has played a seductive vampire, beleaguered housewife, and soon you’ll see her as a mom with super-powers. But there’s another role she enjoys in her personal life: proud BlackBerry smartphone owner!

Q. We are all big Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fans. It was heartening to see your character Darla’s redemption in the end. But before that, if Darla had a BlackBerry smartphone, would she have used it for good or evil?

A. Evil, pure evil!!!

Q. What is your favorite BlackBerry app?

A. I love BlackBerry® Messenger! I travel a lot, and it lets me stay in touch with other BlackBerry smartphone users. I even send BBM™ messages to my friends from the red carpet! I also tweet a lot from my BlackBerry (sometimes too much).

Q. One of the auction items is a trapeze lesson with you! Seriously? Tell us more.

A. Trapeze is something I've always wanted to try. I think it will be a great experience for me and whoever wins it—talk about a great memory!

Q. A part of the auction experience is the “Day in the Life” of Julie Benz’s BlackBerry smartphone in which you will be taking photos and video clips on your BlackBerry smartphone, which will then be up for auction. Can you give us a hint at what photos or videos you may shoot?

A. I will be shooting a day in my life: my morning coffee, working out and going to work. You will get to see my trailer, my dogs, what I eat, crewmembers, and more. It will be a real behind the scenes of my life!

Q. What does the MPTF charity mean to you personally?

A. The Motion Picture Television Fund's mission statement is “to protect and preserve the health and quality of life of those who devote so much of their lives to a career in the entertainment industry”. The MPTF is a unique model providing integrated health services taking care of a single industry. I feel so lucky to be a part of an industry in which “taking care of our own” is so important.

Q. What’s next on TV with Julie Benz?

A. My new show No Ordinary Family premiers on ABC September 28 at 8pm!!!

Jeffrey Katzenberg

4 Questions with Jeffrey Katzenberg, Chairman of the Motion Picture Television Fund Foundation and CEO of DreamWorks Animation SKG

We caught up with Jeffrey Katzenberg, the human behind the lovable ogre Shrek, to get the lowdown on what auction winners can expect!

Q. How will the proceeds from the auction be used?

A. Proceeds will support the MPTF Financial Assistance program that supports thousands of actors, directors, and writers each year.

Q. What can the winner of the Pre-Emmy Awards Party auction expect to see or do at this event?

A. They will see many of their favorite television stars in one place!

Q. Do you have any Emmy Awards party etiquette tips you can share?

A. Hang out, have fun, but please, no autographs!

Q. One of the auction items is a tour of DreamWorks Animation Studio. What part of the tour do you think the successful bidder will find the most awesome?

A. Each person who tours DreamWorks has a different part of the creative process that wows them. I look forward to welcoming them to DreamWorks Animation Studio.

Bid in the Motion Picture Television Fund charity auction today! »

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