BlackBerry Messenger Saves Opening Night at Las Vegas Nightclub

The field team

When the radio headsets went down, the staff turned to BlackBerry® Messenger

Imagine the scene: opening night on New Year's Eve at XS, the nightclub in the Encore hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Everything was planned and tested. More than 1,700 tickets were presold—it seemed like the whole world wanted in. The experienced staff knew its business—they were good to go.

The doors opened, everything went first. But then the staff's radio headsets kept cutting out. They couldn't communicate to seat guests, clear tables—everything needed to manage the night's operations. Disaster loomed. So the staff turned to BBM™ to save the night.

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You Could Own a Celebrity's BlackBerry Smartphone

Julie Benz

Charity auction celebrates eBay app for BlackBerry smartphones

The free eBay® app for BlackBerry smartphones is now officially available in BlackBerry App World™. To celebrate, join our charity auction using the new app and start the bidding! Just a few of the items up for bid are to attend the exclusive Evening Before Emmy party, an autographed BlackBerry® smartphone from actor Julie Benz (Dexter, Desperate Housewives), a personal tour of DreamWorks Animation Studio (Shrek, Prince of Persia), and more! Proceeds will benefit the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF).

The auction is open now until August 6 at 4pm Pacific time. Download the eBay app for BlackBerry smartphones and start bidding!

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You Gotta Try Vlingo! App Proves Speaking Is Faster than Typing

You Gotta Try Vlingo App! Proves Speaking Is Faster than Typing

When driving down the freeway are you tempted to peek at your messages? For safety's sake resist that temptation—you should always wait until you are safely out of the car. But what if you could have your messages read out loud to you? The SafeReader feature in the Vlingo app for BlackBerry® smartphones will read out loud incoming messages—letting you keep your eyes on the road.

But Vlingo does more than read emails, this is a full-featured voice-command system for your BlackBerry smartphone. We have been putting Vlingo through its paces and love the results.

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The Smartphone Revolution Will Be Bitbop

The Smartphone Revolution Will Be Bitbop

Checking out Bitbop television entertainment for BlackBerry smartphones

Maybe it's while waiting for a plane. Or it's on the train for the morning commute. Or your kids are restless in the backseat. Whenever it is, there comes that moment in every BlackBerry smartphone owner's life when they say, "Entertain me!"

Well, now there is a wonderful entertainment option for your BlackBerry smartphone. Fox Mobile Group has launched its Bitbop™ app for BlackBerry smartphones. We had a chance to try out the new TV app and we like the results.

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New Payment Options Coming with BlackBerry App World 2.0

New Payment Options Coming with BlackBerry App World 2.0

Welcome new payment options are coming in BlackBerry App World 2.0. You will now be able to purchase apps by credit card or pay for it on your wireless carrier bill, as well as the current PayPal® method.

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Tips & Tricks: Guide to BlackBerry Messenger

Tips & Tricks: Guide to BlackBerry Messenger

This month's tips are all about BBM™. Learn how to add contacts to BBM by email, PIN, and barcode; start a chat; create a group; send a file; and show your BBM contacts your current location on BlackBerry® Maps.

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