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Get Great New Features on Your BlackBerry Smartphone

Get Great New Features on Your BlackBerry Smartphone

BlackBerry Device Software v5.0 is yours for the asking!

Still running older device software? Do even more with the BlackBerry® smartphone you already own with BlackBerry® Device Software v5.0. With Gmail®1 integration, plus threaded SMS text messages, points of interest on BlackBerry® Maps, and improved browsing capabilities, you can quickly and easily stay on top of your work, your schedule, and your life.

The latest version is now available at most North American carriers (check with your carrier for current availability). Updating is easy, and the download is free2!

Why update?

These are just a few of the enhanced features of BlackBerry Device Software v5.0 that keep your BlackBerry smartphone performing at its best. (Note that some of these features require BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v5.0.)

  • Flag emails and manage mail folders: Apply different colors, assign due dates, set reminders and more, so you can easily stay on top of all your important email messages. Adding, removing, or renaming a folder can help make managing your email messages a piece of cake.
  • Open attachments from your calendar: Just as you would from an email message, you can open some of the most popular document and graphic attachments from calendar entries like JPEG, Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files.
  • Find, open, and edit local and remote files using the Files application: You can open, view, edit, save, or email your JPEG, Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files directly from your BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Threaded SMS messages keep the conversation flowing: When you're sending SMS text messages back and forth with friends and family, a chat-like look and feel makes your conversations even easier to follow. Plus, with a dedicated emoticon button for those fun-to-use faces, personal display pictures, and the ability to send a SMS text message with the press of the Enter key, you can enjoy all the things you love about texting on your BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Improved browsing capabilities: Colorful web pages on your BlackBerry smartphone are a feast for the eyes, and rich animations make for an interactive experience.
  • BlackBerry Maps display: Access maps, zoom in for a closer look, and plan your route faster than you could before. You can also place your cursor over an unlabeled street to make the name pop up. Whether you recently searched for the quickest route to the big game, or it's been a while and you can't quite remember which exit to take to get to the annual family barbeque, you can easily refresh your memory by viewing your previously searched locations.

Supported devices

  • BlackBerry® Curve™ 8330 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Curve™ 8520 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Curve™ 8530 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Storm™ 9530 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Storm2™ 9550 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Bold™ 9000 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 smartphone

Confirm with your IT department or wireless service provider to see if they support BlackBerry Device Software v5.0 for your smartphone. If not, you may still enjoy some new features by upgrading to BlackBerry Device Software v4.5.

How to get BlackBerry Device Software v5.0

  • For BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express and BlackBerry® Professional Software users
    If your BlackBerry smartphone is integrated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express or BlackBerry Professional Software, please contact your IT administrator to find out whether your organization supports BlackBerry Device Software v5.0.
  • For all other BlackBerry smartphone users
    To download, simply connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer using your USB cable and then click the Update button.3

Note: You may need to download BlackBerry® Application Loader software to your desktop before the BlackBerry Device Software will begin downloading. If this is the case, you will be prompted to do so after clicking the Update button. Click “Run,” then follow the additional instructions in order to update your smartphone’s software.

If you do not see an “Update” button here, please check the following items:

  1. This page requires Windows® Internet Explorer® v5.5 or later, running on Windows®.
  2. An ActiveX control provided by Research In Motion Ltd. needs to be installed to update your BlackBerry smartphone. Click on the Internet Explorer Information Bar, shown at the top of the page, and select “Install ActiveX Control...” to install this component.

Download/product page »

Get the BlackBerry Device Software v5.0 Update Guide (pdf) »

1. Requires valid Gmail® account.
2. BlackBerry® Device Software v.5.0 is available at no charge to the user subject to applicable licensing terms. Check with your service provider to determine costs that may be associated with downloading and using the software.
3. If your BlackBerry smartphone is connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Professional Software, you must use a different update process.

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