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Check Out the MDaemon Messaging Server, BlackBerry Edition

Check Out the MDaemon Messaging Server, BlackBerry Edition

New low-cost email platform for small-and medium-sized business with BlackBerry connectivity

The MDaemon® Messaging Server, BlackBerry® Edition is a low-cost, yet feature-rich email platform—and the only one with built-in support for BlackBerry® smartphones. Your users will love the extensive email, contacts, calendar, and mobile collaboration tools. You will love the single-dashboard management with remote web-based access.

Full BlackBerry features, management

One install wizard gets you up and running quickly, and one simple management console makes it easy to control both email and BlackBerry smartphone functionality. BlackBerry IT policies regulate BlackBerry smartphone usage, world-renowned security accreditations attest to the high level of security that protect company information, and BlackBerry® Push Service technology and wireless synchronization helps keep your organization ahead of the competition. You can also remotely lock or erase data on BlackBerry smartphones, adding another layer of protection.

Who: Small- and medium-sized businesses.
What: Essential business email, contacts, calendar, and built-in support for BlackBerry smartphones.
Where: At your offices, but managed over the web and used on BlackBerry smartphones.
When: Available now. Download your free trial!
Why: Enterprise-level features; BlackBerry Push Service technology, security and IT policies; low-cost of ownership; easy set up and management.

Key BlackBerry features and benefits:

  • Advanced email: Get wireless access to your email while on the go. Receive full html email, edit attachments, flag emails for follow-up, back up and restore saved messages, and much more.
  • Wireless synchronization: Business email, calendar, contacts, tasks list, and memos are wirelessly synchronized without having to connect to your computer.
  • Up-to-date calendaring: Stay on schedule with current appointments. Send and respond to meeting invitations straight from your BlackBerry smartphone and never worry about updating your desktop. You can even look up colleagues' availability.
  • Integrated contacts: Enjoy quick and easy access to personal and business contacts. Contacts added in the MDaemon email client automatically synchronize with the address book on the BlackBerry smartphone, and vice versa, with no need to connect the BlackBerry smartphone to your computer. Synchronize contact folders, personal distribution lists, and more.
  • Secure: With MDaemon Messaging Server, BlackBerry Edition, data transmitted to and from BlackBerry smartphones is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES)1.

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1Certain security features may not be available in all regions.

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