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BlackBerry 6 Brings New Productivity Benefits for Your Organization

BlackBerry® 6 has dozens of new features that will boost your organization's ability to get things done. For example, your sales team will love a new feature that lets them click on a contact to see all recent activity—whether calls, meetings, or emails—to get them up to date before a meeting. Read on for other new features that will benefit your organization's BlackBerry® smartphone users.

Universal search

Universal search

One of the most popular new features is universal search, which lets you search from the Home screen across the entire smartphone—including within applications—and the Internet. An outside sales rep could, for example, search for $23.11 to locate everything related to an old purchase. Or try searching for a prospect's last name to find messages, contacts, and documents related to that person.

Or your in-house design team could design an app that utilizes the Universal Search API to provide powerful search capabilities from within your corporate applications. With the API you can specify whether search extends to your internal apps and/or the Internet.

Faster intranet access

Another productivity enhancement comes from the built-in Webkit browser with its faster, richer web browsing—ideal for accessing the company intranet from the BlackBerry smartphone. Users can easily set dedicated shortcut keys, and the new tabbed browsing boosts productivity and organization. Taken together these open up many possibilities for delivering more detailed information to on-the-go field teams.

Field teams benefit from a larger touch screen

You will find new possibilities when you combine BlackBerry 6 with the larger touch screen in the new BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone. Field teams and law enforcement, for example, will find GIS mapping and geo-locating far more information-rich when viewed on a larger screen.

Enhanced email experience

Heavy email users will love the improved email management in BlackBerry 6. They can now group emails by subject views, for example. They can also view tables, graphs, forms, and surveys within emails rather than sending bulky attachments that might not make it through the firewall. Because the new WebKit browser powers the Messaging app, they can zoom into email text and images much like they would on a website.

Monitor industry and customer news

Monitor industry and customer news

The new social feed app can pull in RSS feeds so your organization can set updates from both internal feeds as well as key sites such as monitoring industry or customer news. And updates can come from the field team too, as they now can update many different social networking sites at once—a great way to keep customers and colleagues informed.

Rest assured that access to social networking sites is still controlled through your BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, so you can decide what your BlackBerry users can access on their smartphones.

Incorporates seamlessly into existing infrastructure

BlackBerry 6 works seamlessly with your existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server setup. You do not need to change your existing security or management settings. You can roll out BlackBerry 6 smartphones just as you would all of your other BlackBerry smartphones.

Build more powerful apps

Another nice feature is that widgets now run far better on BlackBerry 6-equiped smartphones, meaning that your in-house developers can build status-based apps without needing to know Java development. Widgets powered by the WebKit browser can show real-time information, such as fluctuating prices or product inventory.

More on BlackBerry 6

This and other features such as new APIs make BlackBerry 6 ideal for internally facing apps, such as intranet access and accessing company databases, and for developing apps for your customers.

More on BlackBerry 6

  • Redesigned home screen: Sleek visuals, easy multitasking, and smart organization. It's easier than ever to use your smartphone.
  • Faster, richer web browsing: Pages load fast and there's tabbed browsing so you can have multiple web pages open at once.
  • Engaging multimedia: Get a streamlined experience with album art, new camera modes, sharing, a built-in YouTube® app, and more.

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