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The Innovations from BlackBerry Keep On Coming

See how new products and technologies can help your organization

The innovations from BlackBerry make it easier than ever for developers and in-house IT departments to build applications, as evidenced by the announcements at this fall's DEVCON 2010 conference in San Francisco. Taken together, these new products and technologies give you access to more advanced features to create transformative Super Apps. Following are the highlights and links to find out more:

BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
  • The BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet is the fastest tablet ever with 1-GHz dual-core processors and 1GB of RAM, is BlackBerry® Enterprise Server ready, and features true multitasking and breathtaking multimedia with support for Adobe AIR Applications and Adobe® Flash 10.1.
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Application Middleware will provide an easy and secure end-to-end solution to create client applications that access enterprise application servers. Using APIs, libraries, and server software, a few lines of code will make it easier to create Super Apps that can access instant data push and alerts, use efficient file transfers, and query a user's device for geo-location, presence, current camera image, calendar availability, device type, and much more.
The BlackBerry® WebWorks
  • The BlackBerry® WebWorks application platform lets you leverage web development skills (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) to build apps faster and easier. Additionally, we've committed to provide an open, standards-based web platform that lets you create powerful Super Apps. Watch this demonstration.

  • The BlackBerry® Advertising Service is an easy, open path to in-app ad revenue. With a few lines of code you can integrate the advertising service into your apps and access multiple ad networks. And more networks will be added to give you more choices. Read more about it here.

Integrate the BlackBerry Advertising Service with a few lines of code

//Create a banner object by passing it my application placement ID and null as 
we are not leveraging metadata. 
Banner bannerAd = new Banner(MY_APID, null); 					
//Sets the size of the banner ad that specified in the bannerSize integer 
//Adds the banner ad to the screen 
BlackBerry® Messenger into your apps
  • The BlackBerry® Payment Service SDK Early Preview is now available. With as little as five lines of code you can include micropayments for app users to purchase premium content, upgrades, and subscriptions. The service provides a familiar, fast, and secure purchase experience. Using their BlackBerry® ID, app users can apply various payment methods—including credit card, PayPal®, and carrier billing—towards the purchase of digital goods you define, all without leaving your app.
  • Think viral app adoption when you bring BlackBerry® Messenger into your apps with the opening of the BBM™ platform as the social networking platform for BlackBerry apps. BBM is an instant messaging app just for BlackBerry smartphone owners. With an active user base of more than 28 million people, BBM has become one of the largest mobile-centric communities in the industry.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

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