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Tips for IT Administrators

Recent additions to the BlackBerry® Technical Solution Center include how to export user statistics, support DST changes in 2008 (for Australia, Brazil, Israel and Argentina), and using Bluetooth® to set up dial-up networking.

Export BlackBerry Smartphone User Statistics to a File

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v4.1 provides the ability to export your user statistics should you need them for reporting purposes. The following fields are exported by default, regardless of the columns displayed in BlackBerry® Desktop Manager.

  • Display Name
  • PIN
  • Enabled State
  • Forwarded
  • Sent from Device
  • Pending to Device
  • Expired Filtered
  • Mailbox DN

The following columns are displayed by default in the User tab.

  • Name
  • PIN
  • Status
  • Last Connect Time
  • Group Name
  • Server Name

To export statistics for multiple BlackBerry® smartphone users, hold the ALT key and select the desired BlackBerry smartphone user accounts.

If information other than that in the default fields is required, it will be necessary to use a script to extract the required information from the BlackBerry Configuration Database.


How to Prepare the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to support DST changes in 2008

In 2008 Daylight Saving Time (DST) will change for the following time zones.


Time Zone

DST Start

DST end

Adelaide Camberra, Sydney Hobart
1st Sunday in October at 2am 1st Sunday in April at 3am
Brazil Manaus 2nd Sunday in October at 12am 4rd Sunday of February at 12am
Israel   no change 1st Sunday of October at 2am
Argentina Georgetown 1st Sunday in October at 1am 3rd Sunday in March at 12am

To prepare BlackBerry® Enterprise Server to support these changes click on the link below for the instructions specific to your network environment:

IBM® Lotus® Domino®
Novell® GroupWise®
Microsoft® Exchange®


How to Set Up Dial-Up Networking Using Bluetooth Technology

The BlackBerry smartphone can be used as a tethered modem to connect a computer to the Internet, using Bluetooth® wireless technology. This technical article explains how to do so step by step and then connect to the Internet. The steps are summarized as:

  1. Set the Bluetooth wireless technology to Discoverable mode on your BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Pair your BlackBerry smartphone with your computer.
  3. Set up the Internet Access Point Name (APN) (one time only).
  4. Configure dial-up networking (one time only).
  5. Connect to the Internet using dial-up networking
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 Support Links:

  • BlackBerry® Technical Support Services Receive 24x7 technical support and software maintenance direct from the manufacturer with an annual support subscription from Research In Motion (RIM).
  • BlackBerry Training Improve efficiency and productivity in your organization with advanced BlackBerry Training courses – for both BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators and BlackBerry smartphone users.
  • RIM Professional Services Optimally deploy wireless technology within your organization with expertise and guidance from a dedicated team of professional services consultants from RIM.
  • BlackBerry Technical Solutions Center Your portal for the latest troubleshooting, knowledge base articles and Technical Support Services information.


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