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Remote-Control Apps that Simplify Tech Support

Providing top-level support to an ever-rising number of employees working outside the corporate office or on the road traveling can be a challenge. But the deployment of a remote-access application allows IT professionals to diagnose and fix problems without a user or employee having to surrender his or her mobile device. Two such applications are from BlackBerry® Alliance Members LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile and B*Nator Remote Control. With these applications, admins can view status details of all BlackBerry smartphones deployed across the network—installation of these apps across all devices you provide support for is easy and free trial accounts are available for both programs.

LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile

LogMeIn Rescue+MobileLogMeIn Rescue+Mobile is a secure, web-based tool that provides remote access to BlackBerry smartphones and other devices. The app allows support technicians to diagnose or repair devices remotely—or teach users how to take better advantage of their smartphone's features.
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B*Nator Remote Control

B*Nator Remote ControlB*Nator Remote Control provides a secure, web-based connection to a user's BlackBerry smartphone. In addition to diagnosing and repairing devices, IT professionals can use B*Nator Remote Control to record or script a remote session and replay it. The app is available for both BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and BlackBerry® Internet Service.
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