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IT Admin Tips: Update Your Settings and Our Top 10 Updates

IT Admin Tips: Update Settings and Top 10 Updates in BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 Service Pack 1

This month we have two informative admin tips. The first explains how to update your BlackBerry® Enterprise Server configuration settings so they stay compatible with current and future network configurations. For the second tip we polled BlackBerry® Technical Support representatives for their top 10 favorite updates in BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 Service Pack 1.


Help avoid any potential interruptions with your BlackBerry® solution by taking time now to update your firewall settings and verify your BlackBerry Enterprise Server software configuration settings. This way you can help ensure your BlackBerry Enterprise Server settings remain compatible with current network configurations and future service updates.

Are you connected to a static IP address? Then you need to update your BlackBerry Enterprise Server SRP settings. If you already connect to an address, then you don't need to edit your BlackBerry Enterprise Server settings, but you will need to ensure the proper IP addresses are allowed through your corporate network firewall. The following knowledge base articles provide lists of IP addresses and other requirements you'll want to review to be sure your settings are up to date.


The BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 Service Pack 1 contains many enhancements to services you may already appreciate, such as the BlackBerry® Administration Service, BlackBerry® Attachment Service, and BlackBerry® Monitoring Service, to name just a few. We polled our BlackBerry Technical Support representatives for their favorite updates in this service pack, so, drum roll please: here are their top 10 picks:

  1. BlackBerry Administration Service enhancements: Navigate search results for user accounts more easily than ever before, right-click on user names to access a menu of tasks to perform for the user accounts, and view user account information when you add and manage applications. There's a streamlined user creation process, too!
  2. BlackBerry smartphone dashboard: Use it to access the BlackBerry Monitoring Service. You can view alarms, messages, and the status of BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances and components.
  3. BlackBerry Monitoring Service Database component page: View data attributes for the BlackBerry Configuration Databases, such as index fragmentation, file size of transaction logs, and file size of data logs; plus you can manage the thresholds for the data attributes.
  4. BlackBerry Monitoring Service home page: Enhanced so you can quickly see performance data and user statistics, graphs, and more.
  5. Directory Services Markup Language support: Use DSML to search for and retrieve certificates from DSML certificate servers, certificates which BlackBerry smartphones can use to make HTTPS connections.
  6. Improved log information to help you troubleshoot attachment issues: Now you can view more information than ever in the logs files for the BlackBerry Attachment Service.
  7. Advanced authentication: If your organization's network environment includes a resource forest dedicated to running Microsoft® Exchange, you can configure the BlackBerry Administration Service to authenticate user accounts located in other resource forests using Microsoft® Active Directory® authentication.
  8. New administrative permissions: Turn off the ability for the Security role and Enterprise role to assign a BlackBerry smartphone to a user account, specify an activation password, or send an activation email to the user account.
  9. Support for importing Wi-Fi® and VPN profiles: Add, delete, or update the profiles that you assign to user accounts by importing a CSV file.
  10. New IT policy rules: Everything you'll want to know about additional IT policy groups and IT policy rules can be found in the updated BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.1 Policy Reference Guide.

This article is only an overview of some of the standout features in BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 Service Pack 1. We urge you to discover all that's new, and remember that service pack updates are available at no additional charge for owners of BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0.

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