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Are you Ready for BlackBerry Certification? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

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Take the quiz below, then check the answers that follow and give yourself one point for each correct answer. Some questions have 2 answers, for a total of 7 possible points. Are you ready for certification? See how well you do!

Why Get BlackBerry Certification?

  • Validate your knowledge
  • Strengthen your employee contribution
  • Build your reputation as an expert

Certification helps set you apart as a recognized expert whom your colleagues can count on for advice and issue resolutions. The new BlackBerry Certification Program launches at WES 2008 for Microsoft Exchange environments! Why not go for certification this year? Are you ready? Take this quick quiz to find out.

Note: IBM® Lotus® Domino® and Novell® Groupwise® users please email and indicate your email platform to join the beta program.


  1. BlackBerry® Desktop Software is found in which of the following two locations by default? (Choose two.)
    1. c:\Program Files\BlackBerry
    2. c:\BlackBerry Desktop Software\
    3. c:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry
    4. c:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BIS
    5. c:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion

  2. A BlackBerry® smartphone user has purchased a new BlackBerry smartphone to replace an existing one. When the PIN of the new BlackBerry smartphone is assigned to the existing BlackBerry® Internet Service account, what two pieces of data will be sent to the new BlackBerry smartphone? (Choose two.)
    1. Bookmarks for the BlackBerry Internet Service Browsing service
    2. All email messages from the BlackBerry smartphones user’s existing BlackBerry smartphone
    3. All calendar entries from the BlackBerry smartphones user’s existing BlackBerry smartphone for each integrated email account
    4. Email service books for each integrated email account
    5. Calendar service books for each integrated email account

  3. Which BlackBerry® Enterprise Server component is responsible for monitoring the health of other components? (Choose one.)
    1. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Alert Tool
    2. BlackBerry Controller
    3. BlackBerry Dispatcher
    4. BlackBerry User Administration Service
    5. BlackBerry Manager

  4. Which of the following two functions does Intellisync® perform? (Choose two.)
    1. Synchronizes the BlackBerry smartphone user's organizer data
    2. Performs a backup of the BlackBerry smartphone
    3. Updates the date and time on the BlackBerry smartphone
    4. Reconciles email messages with integrated email accounts
    5. Synchronizes filters with the BlackBerry Internet Service

Check your answers and give yourself one point for each correct answer:

  1. C and E (2 points)
  2. D and E (2 points)
  3. B (1 point)
  4. A and C (2 points)

How Did You Score?
6 – 7: Impressive! Why not go for BlackBerry Certification at WES 2008?
4 – 5: Pretty good. If you want to brush up before taking the BlackBerry Certification exam, the BlackBerry Certification Program Guide will help you study.
1 – 3: Have you been to BlackBerry Administrator Training? There are opportunities to improve your knowledge of the BlackBerry solution at WES 2008 or review the BlackBerry Administrator training schedule for a course coming to your area.

What’s Available at WES 2008?

Hands on Labs
Featuring 100 computers, extended hours of access, in-depth exercises on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and an all new develop lab.  

BlackBerry® Training for IT Administrators (Level 1 and 2) offers hands on-courses to improve your BlackBerry knowledge, depending on your level of experience.

BlackBerry Certification
Exam rooms will be setup on site at WES 2008 but availability and seating is limited. Register for testing on-site when you arrive!

More on BlackBerry Certification
Visit for more details on how BlackBerry Certification can help you, your company and your career.  And for study tips, be sure to review the BlackBerry Certification Program Guide (pdf).

Beta Exams Starting! A Special Opportunity for IBM Lotus Domino and Novell Groupwise Environments
Over the next few months beta exams will be available for IBM Lotus Domino and Novell Groupwise platforms. For an opportunity to participate in these betas please email and indicate your email platform.

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